Childish Gambino and Google are developing a relationship right before our eyes. Last month, Google created an animated version of Gambino as part of its Playground advertising, a creative mode for Google Pixel.

Now, the two are teaming up for PHAROS AR, an augmented reality multiplayer app that lets users explore a neon light-filled world and Childish Gambino tunes.

Players can now specifically access Gambino’s song “Algorhythm,” when they go through levels within the app, which remains unreleased on streaming services.

By walking through an AR portal, players can interact with hidden glyphs while still being able to see out into the real world. Players can also venture through rooms and experiences by themselves or with a group of friends.

The app is built with ARCore and Unity. ARCore is Google’s AR developer platform, while Unity is a 3D developer platform.

PHAROS AR is currently only available for Android users and can be downloaded from the Google Play store. The app will be available for iPhone users soon.