Transformers isn’t just the title of a blockbuster franchise. It’s also a spot-on description of the innovative team members at Nike.

As we all know, the world of technology is a part of an ever-evolving continuum. Lorry Perkins is one of the transformative team members driving the ongoing change that occurs in technology. And although she’s only been the Senior Director of the Technology Transformation Office for two years, her impact is substantial to those on the Global Technology team.

The core of Perkins’ work is giving Nike the tools to think about how it responds to the different waves of tech as well as learning how the company can upscale employees throughout global technology.

“I prioritize career growth by ensuring [people] always have resources to connect them back to growth and stretch opportunities,” Perkins explained.

As an advocate for career development among BIPOC team members, Perkins leverages Nike’s resources to promote and encourage learning and networking. Part of this work is developing plans that help create proper access to decision-making tables. Evidenced by her commitment to employee growth and development, collaborative leadership resonates with her the most.

“We all win as a team,” Perkins said. “It doesn’t matter what position you play or when you play. We all come together and leave together.”

For Perkins, Nike’s community partnership, cultural impact and diversity initiatives are paramount to her work. Nike’s influence is ubiquitous in Black culture — from the popularity of the Jordan brand to the classic style of Air Force Ones — and Perkins wants those behind her to know there’s space for people of color at Nike and in the world of tech.

Black people’s authentic contributions to society are valuable, and the world needs to recognize that more. Perkins is using her platform to help make that possible, and she has no plans to stop reaching back and pulling people forward.

To learn more about Perkins and her work with Nike, check out her video here.