When it comes to pursuing your dreams, Kevin Gates is not the only person who never gets tired. Meet Blake Thrower, a South Carolina native who worked hard and made his way into the tech industry as a software engineer with Google.

Thrower had a childhood fascination with taking things apart to figure out how they work and he leans into that passion with the global work he does on the Google Play Loyalty Team. “That’s one of the biggest rewards for me, honestly,” says Blake. “I [also] have an opportunity to work on problems at a global scale.” As Google Play continues to expand its reach, Blake uses his interest in problem-solving and the artistry of engineering in his work.

After graduating from Clemson University, Thrower set his eyes on landing a job in the tech industry. This was no easy task; he received several rejections before he finally got the “yes” from Google. Since joining the organization through the engineering residency program, Thrower has served on the South Bay Black Googler Network Leadership Team and as a student group mentor in Tech Exchange.

Google has created an atmosphere for Thrower to continue thriving in a world that’s trying to navigate a whole pandemic. Since the onset of COVID-19, Google has given employees the resources to ensure they can properly mitigate new challenges and responsibilities that come with working from home and prioritize mental health.

Luckily, Thrower is not being greedy with the gems that landed him this role. He encourages others to never give up while pursuing a role in the tech industry. “Never stop pursuing your passions,” says Blake. “My advice is always perseverance. Continue to believe in yourself. Keep working. Keep trying.”

Find out more about Blake and hear about his experiences with Google below:

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