Easily one of the most recognizable mortgage lenders in the country, Rocket Mortgage by Quicken Loans has found success by empowering those that make it all happen: the people behind the scenes. For over five years, Elisia Morgan has been motivated to reach for the stars at Rocket Mortgage by Quicken Loans, as she’s transitioned from Facilities Technician to Technical Support to Associate Software Engineer.

It’s a career she’s worked hard to build by walking by faith, despite initially not knowing where the path would take her. “I always wanted to work in a business-like setting. When I got to college I saw how many classes there were and made the switch to business administration,” says Morgan.

During college Morgan fell in love with tech after discovering a web page design course that inspired her to dive deeper. Realizing that coding and engineering just might be for her after all, Morgan pushed herself through an intensive boot camp designed to hone her growing coding and engineering skills.

She says this journey required listening to her inner voice and really tapping into her passions. For those starting out, Morgan advises, “Find what you’re passionate about. What helped me was I had a notebook, and I dedicated everything tech related to that notebook.” She wrote down everything from the new coding language she wanted to learn to potential career paths. 

For those ready to start a tech career of their own, Morgan says, “Research job openings. See what employers are looking for, what they want in a candidate and go out and network. The most important tip is to ask for feedback.”

As for life at Rocket Mortgage by Quicken Loans, Morgan says it’s an environment that’s truly allowed her to thrive, thanks in part to a strong leadership team that sets clear goals and helps members reach them. “Everyone is approachable, everyone is respected. We value each other, so every day there’s something new to learn.”

Watch as Morgan shares advice for those looking to jumpstart their own careers in tech, what working at Rocket Mortgage by Quicken Loans is really like and more.