Last year, founders Layla Nielsen, Natalie Robinson and Love-leigh Trimiew announced plans to launch HellaBlack, a new e-commerce marketplace for Black retailers and enthusiasts — now the digital shopping platform is officially live.

In an op-ed for Blavity, Trimiew previously wrote about how her family’s story and desire to own her historical narrative inspired her to start her own Black-owned business.

“In the wake of George Floyd’s murder, there have been many important articles written about the history of Blacks being denied the opportunity to thrive economically — Wilmington, North Carolina, and Tulsa, Oklahoma are often cited,” she wrote. “A lot of Black thought-leaders have written think pieces about the necessity of Black economic empowerment. I am neither a philosopher, historian or expert in African-American studies. I am a Black woman business owner, the descendant of West African slaves and an East African immigrant, looking to my own historical narrative of hope amid denied opportunities, and doing my part to ensure that the struggles of my mother and the sacrifices of my grandparents were not in vain.”

“This is why, along with my sisters and a circle of phenomenal women of color with expertise in digital marketing, eCommerce and UX design, I am launching HellaBlack,” she adds.

All three co-founders grew up in Washington, D.C., where Trimiew and Nielsen’s mother alongside Robinson’s mother, Maze Tesfaye started their own iconic restaurant and nightclub, Twins Jazz. Coming together as “sisters” is what helped bring their Black-owned e-commerce vision to life.

Being raised by strong women entrepreneurs and understanding the purpose of legacy, the trio also wanted to use their platform as a way to inspire “companies, families, and organizations to thrive in our community and produce generational wealth,” according to Trimiew.


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HellaBlack is described as a “community-curated marketplace where Black-owned businesses are showcased, celebrated, and highly sought after by conscious consumers.”

HellaBlack’s mission is to ultimately disrupt the status quo and redefine economic independence as a Black entrepreneur and consumer. The platform’s goal is to drive revenue and global brand influence across digital platforms.

In an effort to offer a premier retail shopping experience, HellaBlack has several retail categories for consumers to discover their favorite Black-owned businesses, including women, men, kids, fabrics, celebrations, beauty, home and art.

In addition to launching its platform, HellaBlack also marks the start of an economic revolution that recognizes, respects and reinvests in Black communities with each purchase made on its website.

A press release reports that two percent of all platform sales are donated to organizations “who share the mission of strengthening local economies and generating unprecedented wealth within underserved Black communities.”

Additionally, HellaBlack has also established The HellaRich Business Education Resource Hub — an initiative that propels Black business owners to reach greater levels of excellence and efficiency.

The hub operates as a program that provides curated curriculum, tools, and resources for various topics including social media management, customer service and retention, product and service pricing strategies, shipping essentials, and much more.

For more information about HellaBlack, visit its website.