Successful entrepreneur and go-getter Ryan Glover has always been excited about the entertainment industry despite his inability to rap, sing, or dance. For him, it has always been from a business perspective.

Using his passion for entertainment, specifically music from all over the country, Glover began to build his resume right in Washington, D.C. at Howard University.

“I saw the energy being created all over and thought it would be an amazing idea to bring that energy to Washington D.C. onto Howard’s campus,” he tells Black Tech Green Money host Will Lucas.

For Glover, Howard was more than just a learning experience. It was a place where he not only learned from other cultures and people from all over the world but began to form the very relationships that he says have helped him to remain successful across multiple industries.

“It was actually these very relationships that helped me to build my first business,” he said. “They were garnered right on Howard’s campus.”

Glover is a serial entrepreneur, founder of Bounce TV, and now one of the founding members of Greenwood Bank alongside Andrew Young and Michael Render, also known to the world as Killer Mike.


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On this week’s episode of Black Tech Green Money, he sat down with Lucas to discuss how he’s remained successful, how to build successful business partnerships and how Greenwood provides three different solutions for the Black community.

“The art of calibration is what will allow you as a businessman to continue to grow,” shares Glover. “My recalibration has allowed me to change industries but my strategies in the way that I operate as a businessman remains consistent.”

He says for him, this starts with trusting in God with whatever he does and also doing his very best to treat people the way in which he wants to be treated whether they’re on his side of the negotiations or not.

When it comes down to it, Glover stands on the fact that honesty is indeed the best policy.

His mindset for building successful business relationships is to always keep in mind that there’s more work to be done and that it’s not about looking backward, but rather toward what lies ahead.

When it comes to successful partnerships, he hones in on how people often only remember the successes rather than the failures, which he says he’s learned from the most.

“I learned how to treat people and how to identify, not just talent, but also partnerships that I applied those same tactics and strategies to, ultimately allowing those businesses to succeed,” he told Lucas.

He also shares Greenwood Bank is solving three different solutions within our community.

For more on what they are and how you too can be a part of the success of Greenwood Bank, listen to the full Black Tech Green Money episode here: