You know all about the world’s Black billionaires, but what do you know about their children?

Whether their parents are entertainers or private equity investors — whether their parents are African natural resources magnates or basketball legends — the members of the Billionaire babies club are part of an elite group. They never had to worry about whether they’d have extra money for an outing, or where their next meal was coming from.

When activists talk about normalizing Black wealth, they had the sons and daughters of the world’s Black billionaires in mind. Some of them are behind Academy Award-winning films. Others lead private lives away from the spotlight. And still, others prefer to let their talent speak for itself.

David Steward Jr., whose father is the founder of Worldwide Technology, never brings up his background when he speaks to the press. And, as the founder of Lion Forge Animation — which has produced Oscar-winning animated films like “Hair Love” — he doesn’t have to.

“To craft content authentically, we empower creators who tend to be underrepresented voices in television, comics, movies, books and gaming,” he said to Deadline. “With entertainment being the persuasive culture driver that it is, we’ve made it our mission to showcase diversity in everything we create so that audiences, whether they are watching, reading or experiencing a story in some other manner, are exposed to a more realistic portrayal of our world.”

Let’s take a look at the children of the world’s Black billionaires.

The Dangote Children

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Names: Fatima, Mariya, and Halima, plus adopted son Abdulrahman Fasasi

Aliko Dangote, the world’s richest Black billionaire, has three grown biological daughters and one adopted son. Dangote’s children will inherit their father’s $11.4 billion fortune.

The Adenuga Children

Names: Paddy, Bella Disu, Eniola, Adetutu, Michael Babajide, and Abimbola, plus one unnamed child

Billionaire Mike Adenuga has seven adult children, most of whom keep their names — and their business — out of the spotlight. But the most well-known of them all is Bella Disu Adenuga, who founded a non-profit organization to help disadvantaged children.

The seven children will inherit their father’s $6.2 billion fortune.

The Smith Children

Names: Zoe, Eliana, Maximos, Hendrix, Legend Robert, plus an unnamed pair of girl twins

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With his first wife, billionaire Robert F. Smith has Zoe, Eliana, and Maximos. With his second wife, former Playboy model Hope Dworaczyk, Smith has four children: Hendrix and Legend Robert and set of twin girls.

The seven children will inherit Smith’s $6 billion fortune.

The Steward Children

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Names: Kimberly and David Steward Jr.

David Steward Jr. is the founder of Lion Forge Comics, while Kimberly Steward is a well-known filmmaker and entrepreneur. In 2016, she produced the Academy Award-winning film, “Manchester by the Sea,” through her production company.

They’ll be inheriting their father’s $3.7 billion fortune.

The Rabiu Children

Names: Isyaku, Junaid, Rukkayah Rania, and Khadijah

Abdulsamad Rabiu’s four children are his pride and joy. The children all lead very private lives outside of the spotlight, but they’ll be the heirs to their father’s $5.2 billion fortune.

The Masiyiwa Children

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Names: Esther, Joanna, Sarah, Vimbai, Moses, and Elizabeth Tanya

The Zimbabwean tycoon — and the richest Black man in England — is the father of six children with his longtime wife, Tsitsi. Elizabeth (who often goes by her middle name) has a master’s degree and is the founder of Simba Education, located in Domboshova, Zimbabwe. Vimbai holds a bachelor’s degree and is the CEO of Batoka Hospitality Group. Moses, the only son, is an alumnus of IMG Academy High School in the United States of America, while Joanna is a graduate of Yale University. Esther, the youngest, is attending school in England.

The six children will be the heirs to Masiyiwa’s $1.5 billion fortune.

The Motsepe Children

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Names: Kgosi, Kabelo, and Thlopie

Patrice Motsepe shares three sons with his longtime wife, Dr. Precious Makgosi Moloi Motsepe. Thlopie recently made headlines when he took over for his father as president of the Mamelodi Sundowns soccer club. The three boys — who are all grown up — will inherit their father’s vast $3.1 billion fortune in equal measure.

The Kardashian-West Children

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Names: North, Saint, Psalm, and Chicago

Like the Carter children, the Kardashian-West children need no introduction. As the children of Kanye West and his wife, Kim Kardashian, the four children are the heirs to Kanye’s $1.8 billion fortune.

The Jordan Children

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Names: Jeffrey, Marcus, Jasmine, Victoria, and Ysabel

With his first wife, Juanita, basketball legend Michael Jordan has Jeffrey, Marcus, and Jasmine. Jeffrey and Marcus were former basketball players who turned to philanthropy when they co-founded Heir Jordan, which works with disadvantaged youth. Jasmine is a wife and mother who keeps the world entertained on her Instagram page.

With his second wife, Yvette, Jordan shares twins, Victoria and Ysabel.

Together, they are the heirs to Jordan’s $1.6 billion fortune.

The Carter Children

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Names: Blue Ivy, Rumi, and Sir Carter

The ubiquitous Carter children need no introduction, as they’re the children of Shawn “Jay-Z” Carter and his longtime wife, Beyoncé. They’re the heirs to their father’s $1.4 billion fortune.

Tyler Perry's Child

Paras Griffin

Name: Aman Tyler Perry

As of 2021, Aman Tyler Perry is six-years-old. His mother is Perry’s ex-girlfriend, Gelila Bekele. If Aman ends up being Tyler’s only child, he will be the sole heir to his billion-dollar fortune.