A Kobe Bryant sports memorabilia is set to hit the market and it could reportedly sell for over $1 million.

Signed Kobe Card Is First Of Its Kind

Forbes reports following the passing of the iconic basketball star in 2020, sales of Bryant’s basketball cards saw an uptick of 600 percent on eBay. It should come as no surprise that a signed Bryant #81 Precious Metal Gems card numbered 60th out of 100 from the 1997-98 Skybox Metal Universe could reach seven figures through SCP Auctions. The card features an 18-year-old Bryant making an assist while sporting his number eight Lakers home jersey during his first year playing in the National Basketball Association (NBA).

The card is reportedly the first and only to be featured publicly on the auction chain. As of this writing, the highest bid is marked at $156,925. Forbes reports bidding ends Saturday, June 4. Additionally, there will be a chance to secure the Laker legend’s jersey from his rookie year, which could sell for $5 million.

97 PMG Card Is The Only Known Version To Be Signed By Bryant Or Michael Jordan

It is very likely the latest auctioned Byrant card will reach the million-dollar mark. As AfroTech previously told you, Byrant’s 1997-98 Metal Universe Precious Metal Gems card sold for $2 million in a private estate sale. The card was one of ten ever made and scored 8.5 out of 10 ratings based on condition and quality.

“This is arguably the most significant, stunning, one-of-a-kind Kobe card to ever hit the open market, scarcer than his unsigned green PMG (graded BGS NM-MT 8.5) that sold for $2 million in February and with better eye appeal. (It should be noted that there is no record of any Michael Jordan signed ’97 PMG card, meaning this is the only known version signed by either basketball GOAT),” according to a statement from SCP Auctions.