The NBA’s household names are continuing to be seasoned basketball players turned aspiring wine connoisseurs.

Essence reports that Tony Parker is next up to enter into the wine industry. The former San Antonio Spurs superstar is now taking his talents to working with French businessman Michel Reybier, who’s companies are known for being driven by luxury and hospitality. Tony Parker, a former NBA Finals MVP, looks to become a champion in the wine industry as well.

“We both share a passion for wine, but also for sport,” Reybier said, according to Essence. “I’m from Lyon and particularly admire the dedication Tony shows for the LDLC ASVEL.”

He continued, “Our joint commitment will allow us to go even further in the wineries’ development. I am very happy to be able to share this entrepreneurial adventure with fans of our products all over the world.”

Parker’s work ahead of him will focus on Château La Mascaronne and Reybier’s brands in Champagne as “the plan to move forward on a common project was obvious,” he said in a statement. “I am committed to investing myself alongside him and taking these exceptional wines and Champagnes to the next level” Parker added.

Chris Paul In The Wine Industry

As aforementioned in regards to NBA stars making their mark in the wine market, Chris Paul became a part of the growing list this year in February.

AfroTech previously reported that the Phoenix Suns player joined La Fête Wine Company — a Black-owned premium rosé wine brand — as an equity partner. The partnership was sparked through the aligned mission for inclusivity, as well as Paul already being a longtime supporter of the company.

“I’m thrilled to partner with La Fête Wine Company and work with them to continue to grow the business and fulfill their brand vision,” said Paul in a statement. “I fully support their efforts in creating a better and more equitable society by helping underserved youth, advancing racial justice, and making wine more inclusive.”