Kobe Bryant is once again making history. 

TMZ is reporting that a rare card featuring the late Black Mamba was sold in a private estate sale, and it was snagged for a gobsmacking $2 million. 

The card in question is a 1997-98 Metal Universe Precious Metal Gems card. Initially numbered to 100, only 10 of the cards were ever made, and it’s considered the rarest trading card of its kind in existence today.

PWCC was the company that brokered the deal, and they informed TMZ that the card in question had an 8.5 out of 10 rating (in terms of its condition and quality).

“This is arguably Kobe’s best card in existence,” PWCC exec Jesse Craig said. “It’s more desirable than even a Kobe Bryant rookie card or a Kobe Bryant autograph. These Precious Metal Gems variants are arguably the most desired insert card in the entire world. These set the tone for the insert market going forward.”

The card in question was one of the first-of-its-kind to be made in an “insert” fashion (meaning that the card was encased in a clear mold for its protection). And though the identity of the card’s buyer wasn’t revealed, it’s clear that the man had pretty deep pockets.

“The front of the card features a still image of a young Bryant donning his #8 Lakers jersey and passing the basketball with flair,” reports TMZ. “The back of the card displays the Mamba with a focused look on his face, and his stats from the ’96-’97 season.”

Clearly, Bryant came a long way from those days, and it’s certainly most impressive to see. Congratulations are in order for the successful buyer, and to the Kobe Bryant estate for securing such a terrific win. It’s clear that Mamba really is forever.

How much is Kobe Bryant's estate worth?

While this trading card purchase is just the latest to bump up the value of Kobe Bryant’s estate, the late legend’s value was far from suffering prior to this.

In November 2021, Basketball Forever estimated that the total value of Kobe Bryant’s estate was well over $1 billion, making it the second-most valuable estate in the NBA (with Michael Jordan’s being in the first position).

Although, AfroTech previously reported that Kobe Bryant has a legacy that goes above and beyond basketball. His estate encompasses everything from the charities he supported to the schools he founded, and that is quite an impressive accomplishment indeed.