Remote learning has taken on a whole new meaning amid the pandemic, but audio-learning platform Knowable is taking it a step further to bring their educational experiences to life.

Knowable — a first-of-its-kind platform teaching through a robust library of original, expert-led audio courses — has recently partnered up with Phoenix Suns guard Chris Paul to lead a course about switching to a healthier diet and the importance of nutrition in Black communities.

Throughout the exclusive course, Paul shares his personal experiences with plant-based eating and dives deep into how it’s transformed his game as an athlete.

“My plant-based diet has completely changed my life in ways that I never could have imagined,” Paul told AfroTech. “Food has the power to affect every aspect of our lives. Since going plant-based, I’ve been in the best shape of my life, physically and mentally. Changes to my diet had a real impact on my game by aiding in reduced recovery time and inflammation.”

In addition to Paul’s dialogue, the course also involves discussions with a few nutritional experts, including Dr. Ashanté Reese who works at the intersection of critical food studies and Black geographies. Her level of expertise explores the ways in which Black people produce and navigate food-related spaces and places in the context of anti-blackness.

Culturally speaking, nutrition in Black communities needs to be addressed more often than it is. The exchange of views between Paul, Dr. Reese, and these other experts in the nutrition and food studies fields ultimately contribute to this larger conversation around what healthy eating looks like for Black people around the world.

The collaboration between Knowable and Paul seemed like a no-brainer seeing as though the NBA star is always on the move and out on the road during the season.

“Knowable makes it easier to learn on the go,” Paul shared with AfroTech. “They work with top experts in their field to bring you comprehensive and rewarding courses. Especially for someone like me who is always on the road, it makes it so easy to continue to grow and learn.”

Outside of just speaking on his own experiences, Paul wants to utilize this collaboration to enlighten his community and inspire change that will help people understand the significance of taking control of your health.

“I want to share my experience and inspire others to transform their lives,” he said. “Teaming up with Knowable gives me the opportunity to reach a wide audience in sharing the health benefits of going plant-based and a pathway to how it can be done.”

To view Chris Paul’s Plant-Based Performance course, click here.