A Dave Chappelle course is making its way to higher education.

According to Complex, a curriculum based around the success of the comedian will take place at Concordia University, a Canadian institution located in Montreal. Professor Yassin “Narcy” Alsalman will be teaching the class.

Celebrating The Culture

“I’m writing my syllabus right now, and from what Dave and the community around him gave me, I’m gonna kind of celebrate that at the 50th anniversary of hip-hop as a community,” Alsalman shared on the “Jibber With Jaber” podcast, according to Complex.

No stranger to teaching courses centered around iconic figures that represent the culture, Alsalman, who is also a rapper, has led a class dedicated to Kanye West as well. What’s more, some familiar faces including Vic Mensa, Kaytranada, and Chance The Rapper have even joined his lectures as guests.

As Alsalman looks ahead, not only does he aim to focus on the success of “The Chappelle Show,” but the professor also wants to focus on other entertainers and their respective movements and rise to success.

The Curriculum

“So we’re gonna go through ‘The Chappelle Show,’ we’re gonna watch some of his specials,” Alsalman said. “I’m gonna do a Black Star class, I’m gonna do a The Roots class, I’m gonna do an Erykah Badu class, a Soulquarians class, and talk about just the juxtaposition of the responsibility of comedy in music, and then the consumption of Black performance and what does that mean in North America.”

While he would love to have Chappelle drop by at some point during the course, Alsalman explained that this is not the purpose behind the move.

“I’m gonna ask people from the community, the friends of mine that I made in that community, to possibly come, and maybe we’ll get Dave,” he explained. “Maybe Dave will come, maybe he won’t but that’s not really why I’m doing it.”

What's Next?

At this time, the course is still being finalized, but students can expect it to be available at the university during the upcoming fall semester, which begins in September 2023.