The thought of getting your brand elevated shouldn’t overwhelm you any longer. You already handled the hard part of starting your business, so let these easy-to-use, free social media marketing tools help you take that business to the next level. Even if you’re not trained in marketing or consider yourself on a strict budget, there are tools that can streamline your process so you’re working smarter, not harder. Check out some of the best below:

1. Buffer

Buffer will help you manage your social media accounts — across platforms including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google Plus and Pinterest. You can also analyze the performance of each post and manage multiple accounts (they have paid plans if you want to upgrade the number of accounts you’re managing within the platform).

2. TweetDeck

TweetDeck is a classic in the social media marketing world, allowing users to create a custom Twitter experience, manage multiple accounts, create custom searches, track different hashtags and more. Its layout makes it easy to monitor your page, notifications, DMs and what’s trending all on one fully-functioning, live-updating page.

3. HootSuite

Although HootSuite has premium and team accounts if you’re looking to upgrade in the future, base features including scheduled posting, multiple profile management, targeted messaging, analytics and more are available for free. You can compose one message and send it out on multiple platforms with ease thanks to the options HootSuite provides, allowing you to streamline your process.

4. Social Pilot

With SocialPilot’s Lite plan, you can connect 3 profiles and share up to 10 posts per day. You can also schedule and manage 30 posts in your queue. This platform also has plans that start at just $10 a month, making it a much more affordable option if you’re looking to upgrade on a budget.

5. SocialBee

SocialBee is another platform for scheduling content, but what sets it apart is the ability it gives users to categorize content. So if you want an easy way to monitor the rate at which you’re posting things for a campaign and want to stay balanced in your social media presence, this is probably the platform for you.

Now get out there and get started! There’s no excuse not to promote yourself, your business or your big idea thanks to these helpful, free social media marketing tools.