2 Chainz has a master plan for expanding his business endeavors.

In an interview with REVOLT’s “Assets Over Liabilities” show, the Atlanta, GA, rapper and entrepreneur revealed his plans for building his own version of a “Black Wall Street.” 

He came up with the idea after opening his Esco Restaurant & Tapas, Pink Trap House museum, and Pamper Nail Studio in the same area in his city. Now, he’s set to further bring his vision to life.

“They’re actually building some apartments across the street, and I have a building over here that I’m about to convert it into a store-like space — smoke shop kind of space,” 2 Chainz shared. “What I want, obviously exclusive goods in there just because of who I am. I know Snoop got a cereal and Master P got rice and stuff like that.”

The intent behind the store would be for local residents to have access to necessities such as food and toiletries without having to travel too far.

“I guess having a little small neighborhood/Black Wall Street where people can come out and get the things they need… all in this couple of block radius,” he said.

As previously shared by AFROTECH, 2 Chainz purchasing the property in Atlanta has transformed into a lucrative business. After buying the land for $500,000, he claims that he’s doubled or tripled its value.

Already, the investment has helped Esco Restaurant & Tapas become a franchise. The dining establishment has locations in Atlanta, GA, (including in Marietta and Morrow); Columbus, OH; and Memphis, TN, as well as an upcoming one in Dallas, TX.

“It’s a vibe, and with vibes, people stick around a little longer than [a typical] restaurant,” 2 Chainz detailed when describing his restaurant. “Although we have great food, we have other things that stimulate you as far as the music, the TVs, and great drinks.”