Meet Emmanuella Mayaki, the future of the tech industry. According to Face 2 Face Africa, when Mayaki was just 10-years-old, the coding and programming genius was appointed by the Southfields Primary School located in Coventry, England as an after school code club teacher. Her position at the Southfields Primary School involved her teaching HTML and CSS to her peers and sharing her tech knowledge with the code club.

Mayaki’s journey in the tech industry started when she was just 7-years-old. In 2016, she received a diploma in Desktop Publishing, Advanced Excel, CorelDraw, Adobe Page Maker, and Advanced PowerPoint. Her list of accomplishments and qualifications doesn’t stop there. In 2018, Mayaki created her own app and designed her own site after enrolling at Tech24 to study Mobile App Development.

It’s no secret that the future is bright for Mayaki as she has dreams of becoming an engineer.

“I want to become a machine learning engineer because I have experience in programming and my job is to program a machine to perform specific tasks,” Mayaki said in a blog post

Mayaki has a track record of achieving what she puts her mind to and we have no doubt that she will reach her goal of becoming an engineer.

“I remember at age seven, I set a target to become a professional web designer and analyst at age nine, and I have accomplished it,” she said.

Besides building and launching a website all by herself and using her knowledge of Java and Python Coder to teach her peers, she also plans to learn advanced programs like Prolog and Lisp. With Mayaki at the leading edge of tech, the industry is in good hands.

Editorial Note: This piece has been updated and revised since it was initially published.