Supermodel Tyra Banks is strutting her way to another business venture with Modelland, a family-friendly, tech-themed attraction.

Banks told TechCrunch that Modelland will be somewhat like a theme-park with augmented and virtual reality games and attractions. Modelland is also set to have food and shopping vendors, making it ideal for visitors of all ages.

Despite its name, Modelland is inclusive— not just for those looking to enter into the fashion scene—its goal is to redefine beauty standards through tech.

“I am being very deliberate to make sure this is something families can come to,” Banks said. “I’m not creating this to service people who want to become models or are models.”

Back in 2011, Banks released a novel called Modelland and now she’s continuing its theme with a physical attraction. Modelland is expected to open in Santa Monica, Calif. later this year, according to TechCrunch.