Tyler Perry is one step closer to expanding his empire.

According to Atlanta Business Chronicle, the media mogul purchased 37 additional acres to be added to his Tyler Perry Studios, which currently sits at 330 acres.

Plans To Expand

Per the outlet, the price tag of the land was $8.4 million and will be used to add an entertainment, retail, and restaurant district to the company’s current production campus.

“There could be three or four restaurants and an alley of about 10 small theater houses and dinner theaters – from 50 seats to 350 seats,” Perry told Atlanta Business Chronicle during a 2020 interview.

The Title Deed

Although the sale of the 37 acres of land was initiated in June 2021, the property title was not issued until Dec. 28, 2022, just a little over a year after the expansion was first announced.

The Journey

As previously reported by AfroTech, while Perry is currently among the group of Black billionaires in the U.S., he was met with some trials and tribulations along the way.

At one point, the visionary lived in his car as he struggled to make his rise to the top.

During a 2019 interview, the Madea creator reflected on his emotions after an Atlanta highway sign was updated to direct drivers to his Tyler Perry Studios.

“My eyes filled with water knowing what God has allowed to happen in my life,” wrote Perry via Facebook. “Atlanta has truly been the promised land for me. I came here with nothing, lived off Sylvan Road, ended up homeless and starving, but I was always praying and believing.”


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Onward & Upward

Now, Perry is continuing to build upon his success. When he first purchased the land at Fort McPherson in 2015, just four years after the military shut down the base, he paid a whopping $30 million.

Per the outlet, his agreement also gave Perry the right of first offer on any of Fort McPherson’s remaining land, which he has officially secured as his dreams of expansion continue.