Madea may be the star, but Tyler Perry is the actual person who signs the checks.

During a Juneteenth celebration for his staff, Perry revealed why he should be considered one of the top bosses in Hollywood. With a payroll of $154 million for his team, Perry made it clear that he values those that help make Tyler Perry Studios a success.

Honor And Celebration

As a way to celebrate Juneteenth and honor his staff, the “Why Did I Get Married?” creator booked Usher to perform to celebrate all of their accomplishments to date.

Although viewers and supporters were impressed by the “Confessions” star performance, Perry’s payroll admission really got the people going.

“On this Juneteenth, I threw a party for all the incredible people that work at Tyler Perry Studios. I wanted to celebrate the accomplishment that these amazing people have all achieved. My payroll alone was 154 million dollars, and that money went to all the people in this crowd,” Perry captioned via Instagram.

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Because $154 million is no small matter, reactions flew in, asking Perry for a job and praising him for his work in the industry.

“If 154M was payroll, then what is the revenue amount? #hegotthatmoney,” one user said.

“How can I get on payroll? Tyler we’re friends. You just don’t know it,” another user commented.

“Tyler Perry is the real MVP. Much love and respect. I would love to work for him,” said one comment.

The Road To Riches

Throughout his career, Perry has been vocal about his hard work and what it took to amass the success the world gets to witness. With thousands of television episodes, dozens of feature films, several stage plays, and a 330-acre studio in Atlanta, Perry has leveraged his creativity and work ethic to build his empire. These assets place him far away from his humble beginnings as a homeless playwright looking to make it. According to Forbes, Perry has a net worth of $1 billion.