Being authentic is the key to life!

“My secret is not a secret, it’s just being authentic,” said Trell Thomas on the latest episode of Black Tech Green Money.

Thomas is the founder of the Black Excellence Brunch, an annual event that gives #BlackExcellence a seat at the table. He has career work that spans from the historic Obama Presidential Campaign in 2008 to working with some of the biggest brands at Viacom and aligning social good causes, celebrities, and corporations.

“The Black Excellence Brunch came from my experience as a Black person growing up in South Carolina and my mom hosting these Sunday dinners at our house,” shared Thomas.


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He explains that not showing up as your authentic self is a mistake that people make far too often.

“The biggest mistake a lot of people make is that they ask ‘what does the brand want, who do they want me to be,'” continued Thomas.

He says from there people tend to shapeshift and code switch, ultimately changing all of the things that make them, them.

“The thing about it is, an idea that’s yours is of you,” said Thomas.

He also shares the importance of networking.

“Your network is your net worth…it really is,” Thomas continued. “Lots of people that I met along the way throughout my journey, I can reach back out to.”

Thomas further explains that it’s all about building purposeful relationships.

“For me, I don’t focus on what I can get from someone, I’m always thinking about what I can bring to the table,” he said.

To find out how to build lucrative relationships in business, make money producing live events, and more from Thomas, listen to the full episode of Black Tech Green Money below: