Tracy Morgan is his daughter’s biggest fan.

During “The Kelly Clarkson Show,” his daughter, Maven Sonae, 9, was asked the million-dollar question, “What do you want to be?”

Sonae did not hesitate and revealed she hopes to become a marine biologist. Sonae wants to learn about the ocean, which is home to her favorite animal, a shark.

Fortunately, she won’t have to wait years to dive into her interests, thanks to Morgan. The proud father is already investing in his daughter’s dreams.


In fact, Morgan built Sonae a 20,000-gallon tank in their backyard that contains at least 14 sharks. What’s more, you can find eight more tanks within their home.

“There’s 14 or 15 sharks in there, black tips, white tips,” Morgan said on “The Kelly Clarkson Show.” “She wanted to study, so I put like eight tanks in the house and I have the shark tank outside the house.”

Sonae also has a tank designated specifically for cone snails, which Morgan adds are “the most dangerous thing on the planet.” And, he’s not wrong.

According to the National Institute of Standards and Technology, “The smallest cone snails impart a sting that is about as powerful as a bee sting, but the sting of larger species can kill an adult human in a matter of hours. The deadliest cone snail is thought to be the ‘cigarette snail’ of the Indo-Pacific, a snail roughly the length of a man’s thumb that can deliver a toxin so strong that you’d only have time to finish one cigarette before dying from its attack.”

Yet, Sonae is not living in fear. She even shared what the word “brave” meant to her.

“Something you do dangerous but you do it anyways,” Sonae said on the show.

“You have to be brave. She understands that and she knows that…It takes a lot of guts to go after your dreams…because one thing that stops us in our lives is the word if. ‘What if it doesn’t work’ No, you have to keep going. If it doesn’t work you do something else,” Morgan added.

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