Not all heroes wear capes.

Keith Lee’s influence has proved it is a force once again, and this time it’s completely turned one food truck owner’s entire world around.

Making A Difference One Food Review At A Time

Thanks to the MMA fighter-turned-food critic, the owner of Southern Taste Seafood received an influx of donations thanks to Lee sharing another one of his famous reviews on TikTok.

“Today, I spent $450 on a burger, let’s try it and rate it one through 10,” said Lee in the clip. “I like to workout a lot and last night I did a ten mile bike ride and on my way home from the bike ride, I was riding past this street and on this street was a food truck.”

From there, he gave viewers an update on his initial video. In the video, he shared that due to his shellfish allergy, the lone food truck operator told him to come back so that he could accommodate Lee since the truck’s menu is seafood-based.

The Aftermath

“This is a 24-hour update on Mr. Gary, let’s talk about it. I went back today and by the time I got there, he was just pulling up,” Lee explained. “The first thing I saw made me extremely happy, he has help. Not only is someone in the truck with him, he has his son running his social media, so now his location is updated in his IG bio. He doesn’t have TikTok or Yelp, but he does have an IG and when I first found his IG, he was at 200 followers. Now, it’s almost 9,000. He was extremely excited to see me. He got out and he gave me a hug. I asked him, ‘How was last night?’ He said he hasn’t slept not one bit.”

The reason for Mr. Gary’s lack of sleep was all thanks to Lee’s previous video where he shared the entrepreneur’s Cash App profile in hopes of helping him draw in enough donations to get back on his feet after falling on hard times with his business.


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“It’s been 19 hours and the original video is almost at 17 million views and inside those 19 hours, he has accumulated $30,000 in cash app donations… that’s not including a single sale,” Lee continued. “Y’all are amazing. That blew my mind. Like, God bless you guys.”

Furthermore, he revealed that Mr. Gary expressed immense gratitude for being able to not only pay off his credit card bills and eliminate other debt with the donations.

Additionally, with the boost in followers on social media, Mr. Gary is slowly but surely starting to bring in the business needed to keep himself afloat.