Artificial Intelligence (AI) is now pervasive across communities. From ChatGPT assisting with drafting work emails to some of the culture’s favorite songs being reimagined by different artists, AI is ever-present.

With the advancement of technology, companies are starting to think through and implement what it means to have AI as a part of the operational model. TIAA, a leading financial services and investment firm, is a part of that organizational shift – implementing AI technology to delight their clients.

One example of this implementation is a partnership with Google Cloud. TIAA is using AI in its everyday service offerings to improve its analytical approach in its National Contact Center (NCC).

The NCC is central to the TIAA customer offering when it comes to responding to requests for financial guidance and retirement planning strategies from new, existing and future clients.

With a focus on customer satisfaction and more streamlined operational methods, applying Natural Language Processing & AI improves efficiency and enables conversational self-service for a range of client needs.

Utilizing AI in NCC allows for TIAA to create a more enriching conversation with the client, driving intelligent automation on the back end.

“The National Contact Center plays a critical role in service to our clients as we help them secure their retirements,” says Sastry Durvasula, Chief Information & Client Services Officer at TIAA. “We are evolving our technology to deliver the personalized service our clients have come to expect from TIAA. Teaming up with Google Cloud to bring artificial intelligence insights will help us advance our capabilities to delight our clients.”

When a person contacts TIAA through the NCC, Google Cloud’s Contact Center will appear in a new window with virtual agents ready to effectively and efficiently provide solutions. The use of AI in these instances will allow the firm’s consultants more time to focus on more complex problems in the firm and for clients.

The use of AI in TIAA’s model began in August 2022 and has proven to be a successful way to advance insights and optimize customized options for clients.

Additionally, tapping into AI widens the range of career opportunities for current and future TIAA technologists.

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