If this past election taught us nothing else, it’s that people have little if any understanding about American civics and how the government works. Now, the Obamas are looking to change that with their new animated series.

CNN reports that the President and First Lady have created a new series called “We The People” which will be distributed through Netflix. Similar to the “Schoolhouse Rock” vein, “We The People” will “combine music and animation to educate a new generation of young Americans about the power of the people,” per the show’s official description on the Netflix site.

The Obamas will serve as executive producers of this new animated series, which — though aimed at children — is suitable for kids of all ages.

Music will be provided by such modern musical superstars as H.E.R., Janelle Monáe, Brandi Carlile, Lin-Manuel Miranda, Adam Lambert, Cordae, Bebe Rexha, KYLE, and Andra Day. Poet Amanda Gorman is also due to contribute her talents to the animated series.

The new “We The People” will make its premiere at the AFI DOCS festival on June 24, and the screening is free for attendees.

Throughout their time in the White House, the Obamas were committed to creating a better understanding of civics, and how government works.

In no way was this more evident than in 2015, when Michelle Obama launched the Let Girls Learn initiative. While focused on girls and young women, Let Girls Learn offered a path to a better education than was previously available. That education not only involved a better understanding of day-to-day life and practical application of what one learns in school but also involved a better understanding of such nebulous concepts as American civics.

With “We The People” — which will launch on the Fourth of July — the Obamas are not only adding another great piece of streaming content to their burgeoning repertoire but continuing their commitment to education and a greater understanding of one another.