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Finding My Way: How 3 T. Rowe Price Employees Define Success

Robert Frost penned a famous poem entitled “The Road Not Taken.” In its opening lines, he wrote, “Two roads diverged in a yellow wood, / And sorry I could not travel both.” This sentiment describes the complexity of determining what one would consider the best and correct path for their future. Is it the more popular route marked by traditional pathways and methods for navigating? Or is it the less-common experience that requires more intuition and patience? Previously, the definition of success was based on certain outcomes — particularly in how people navigate their career journey. Today, definitions are more nuanced based on experience and expectations. T. Rowe Price, a global investment firm, understands that creating spaces for continued development and career success is not an act of fate. It takes introspection, dedicated resources and programming to ensure team members feel equipped to tackle their goals. AfroTech had the chance to learn the value of success from three T....

Jul 6, 2022

The Great Re-prioritization: How A T. Rowe Price Employee Mastered The Art Of The Pivot

In basketball, to avoid the penalty of traveling, the player must learn the art of the pivot. The ability to assess what’s best in the moment and re-prioritize the next moves for maximum benefit is something people must learn in life as well. Much of the world has experience with the concept because of the complexities of COVID-19. The ability to pivot has become even more critical to corporate spaces as employees navigate what’s best for them, their families, and their future. AfroTech had the opportunity to speak with Jasmine Brennan about how she mastered re-prioritization during the pandemic.

Jun 29, 2022

Cash, Commitment & Change: T. Rowe Price Advances Equity in the City

Philanthropy starts at home, and T. Rowe Price is committed to investing in the community that it’s a part of. As an investment firm, T. Rowe Price understands how important access to resources and tools can be to the success of any business. Historically, entrepreneurs from underserved communities have had less access to funding that could take their businesses to the next level. Through its foundation, T. Rowe Price is implementing ways to close the gap in the investment space. Since 2015, the T. Rowe Price Foundation has prioritized and refined how to incorporate equitable philanthropy practices in all areas of its work. This work comes to life as the Foundation makes philanthropic investments to support organizations that uplift communities of color and advance race-forward and equity-based programming.   Business and Entrepreneurship No matter the size, every business deserves the chance to make its mark on the world. Solving problems and responding to culture has been the...

Apr 12, 2022

That Job Can Be Yours: T. Rowe Price Shares Insider Tips On Landing a New Role

Navigating the workforce is an ever-evolving process. Some of the traditional methods of searching, applying and securing a job are much more nuanced today than they’ve ever been. With the pandemic forcing people to slow down and evaluate what it means to preserve their mental health, job seekers are more particular about schedule, flexibility, salary, and cultural fit. In the words of Fat Joe, “Today’s price is not yesterday’s price.” Employers have had to adjust to this change as well. Companies all around the world are looking at new approaches to recruiting and retaining talent. While the results of the Great Resignation have been the catalyst for the shifting dynamics in the workforce, many employees at companies like T. Rowe Price have mastered the ability to pivot. AfroTech had the privilege to learn in-depth interview tips from Thomas Byrd (Cyber Security Senior Manager), Engelia Tucker (Sr. Talent Acquisition Specialist), and Douglas Gilmore (Sr. Cyber Security...

Mar 18, 2022

Relationships Are Currency: An In-depth Look At T. Rowe Price’s Commitment To Equity

There are a few things Black people do not play about: faith, family, food and finances. Money is the currency that allows one to make transactions, and it’s a means for wealth. The O’Jays told Grandma and Auntie that money can be a real problem if not used properly, while Cardi B is encouraging the new generation to make sure they go after the bag. Wherever you fall on the spectrum of collecting coins, money isn’t the only means to success and wealth. Time is currency. Education is currency. But what is one of the other most notable means for wealth? Relationships. History has proven that the power of collaboration can take any concept from mere idea to paradigm-shifting movement. T. Rowe Price is replicating this by leveraging the power of connectivity to impact community. T. Rowe Price is showing up for Baltimore in a big way with its long-standing relationship with Baltimore Corps . Often referred to as the “Human Resources for the City of Baltimore,” Baltimore Corps’ mission is...

Feb 22, 2022

Getting To The Money: 5 Ways To Increase Your Financial Wellbeing

The end of the year is synonymous with holiday gatherings, gifts, themed music and treats. It’s also the time when people stop to reflect on how they can make the next year better. At the top of most of these lists are goals for better physical health and financial wellbeing. While there’s no sure way to vet all the “experts” who will emerge to help in these areas, the people at T. Rowe Price have tools to help you get your financial wellness together. Jerome Clark is a Strategic Program Manager – Multi-Asset. As a self-proclaimed military brat and member of the Marine Corps, Clark is no stranger to navigating various environments and finding ways to forge his own path. After teaching math to young midshipmen for nine years, Clark joined the T. Rowe Price family as a Quantitative  Analyst. Almost 30 years into the game, Clark led the company’s target-date funds and is a highly decorated fund manager. Today, Clark is dedicated to helping people work toward a more secure financial...

Nov 30, 2021

Pull Up A Chair: How Having The Right People At The Table Paves The Way For Others

The year is 2016, and behind a syncopated instrumental, you hear the clarion call: “Who run the world?” And the emphatic answer is “Girls!” Fast forward five years, and the answer remains the same. While they’ve been killing the game for centuries on end, there’s still room for more women to have a seat at the table. And the tides are changing, one chair at a time. T. Rowe Price shares the same sentiment through its commitment to gender equality. But how does an organization truly advocate for equity? The global investment firm understands that creating spaces for inclusion is not an act of happenstance. It takes introspection, dedicated resources and programming to ensure equal access to a seat at the decision-making table. This commitment to inclusion is made evident by the thriving careers of T. Rowe Price’s associates. Recently, AfroTech sat down with Teresa Woodard, Head of Trading Analytics, and Shonyel Lyons, Head of Client Experience, Americas, to discuss their impact on the...

Nov 17, 2021

Pitching Stocks And Putting Women At The Table: T. Rowe Price Holds Annual Stock Pitch Workshop

Financial wellness isn’t just a trendy statement. It’s a reality that the people at T. Rowe Price are committed to as they help clients achieve their long-term financial goals. This global investment management firm takes strategic investing beyond the numbers. It recognizes that different experiences and backgrounds drive innovation and creativity — and are made possible by the people who work there. The commitment to fostering diverse perspectives enables T. Rowe Price to identify opportunities other firms may overlook. This is why the firm hosts an annual Stock Pitch Workshop for women, gathering a diverse group of MBA students entering their first year of graduate school. Jason Polun, Director of US Equity Research at T. Rowe Price, kicked off this year’s workshop with an anecdote about an interview with a business school student that wasn’t going well. He explained that midway through her stock pitch, she stopped the conversation to say she didn’t think it was going well. Then...

Oct 14, 2021