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Black Culture, Green Thumb: 7 Black Environmental Changemakers Using Their Platform To Promote Sustainability

1970 was pivotal in America’s relationship with sustainability and earth preservation. Earth Day was created on April 22, and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) was established on Dec. 2, 1970. Since this time, pervasive movements have centered around how people can intentionally preserve the planet by reducing trash, reusing materials, and recycling products to be repurposed. But if you were to talk to many members of the Black community, these practices have been a staple in Black households for decades. While sustainability is making waves through the popular halls of society, the concept is not new for those deeply associated with Black culture. From the reuse of everyday items to the current display of being plant parents, Black people from across the diaspora have been tapping into innovative and natural ways to keep the world “green” before it was ever an official thing. Plant enthusiast and Memphis, TN, resident Eso Tolson reflected on many green moments he...

Jul 31, 2023

Could A New Amazon Wind Farm Bring A Much-Needed Boost To This Predominantly Black County In Mississippi?

Black Mississippi residents in this former casino town are looking forward to a greener future.

Jul 21, 2023