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Hit-Boy’s Dreams Come True As He Curates The Madden NFL 23 Soundtrack For EA Sports: ‘Never Would’ve Thought As A Kid I'd Be Able To Score My Favorite Game’

Hit-Boy is embarking on making history with one of the most beloved sports video games. View this post on Instagram A post shared by EA SPORTS Madden NFL 23 (@eamaddennfl)  

Aug 22, 2022

StatusPRO Forms Partnership To Develop The First VR Football Game Licensed By The NFL

Virtual reality gaming just hit a new level courtesy of StatusPRO. In a previous interview with AfroTech, StatusPRO founders Andrew “Hawk” Hawkins and Troy Jones explained their plans to combine augmented reality and virtual reality (VR) to enhance the sports industry as we know it. Now, it looks like they are here to deliver. According to a press release, the former football players have officially inked a deal to create the first VR NFL-licensed football game. “We are a company that wants to democratize what it is like to be an athlete. In XR and VR specifically here, we want to really immerse fans into the shoes of people they watch on a daily, monthly, and yearly basis and give them something they have never experienced,” Hawkins told Boardroom. “As an athlete, being able to continue to bring those experiences to life is amazing. This is the first of many athletes from our company but as football players, you can imagine we want to bring the most authentic version of this to the...

Mar 24, 2022

Here's How Nike is Engaging New Customers Ahead of the Super Bowl

Nike continues to bridge the gap between sports and technology and this time they’re providing a unique way to get involved ahead of Sunday’s big game! Ahead of the Super Bowl, the leading sports apparel brand is teaming up with EA Sports Madden NFL 22 to offer consumers exclusive challenges with rewards for physical movement along with a few fun, in-game performance benefits. The latest initiative allows users to run five miles through the Nike Run Club application for the opportunity to unlock an exclusive Aaron Donald Madden Ultimate Team Player Item within the game of Madden. Users will also get a chance to receive an achievement badge upon completion of the NRC Super Bowl Challenge and they’ll receive a +7 speed enhanced Aaron Donald player item, which just so happens to be the most valuable defensive player within the Madden NFL 22 game. “I enjoy seeing kids get out and live active and healthy lifestyles. As a professional athlete, I think it’s important to reinforce healthy...

Feb 7, 2022

These Founders Are Going Beyond The Status Pro By Combining Augmented And Virtual Reality With Sports

When it comes to the intersection of sports and technology, these founders are truly taking things beyond the status pro! As a technology company, Status Pro combines data with augmented and virtual reality giving its users an out-of-this-world experience. Created by dynamic duo, Andrew “Hawk” Hawkins and Troy Jones, the two took their love for the game of football and combined it with their desire to build a suite of training and gaming products. Now, it is changing the way coaches, players and fans experience their favorite sport. “Status Pro was birthed out of me and Hawks’ experiences as athletes,” shared Jones in an exclusive interview with AfroTech. “Originally we started off as a company focused on helping athletes get better through augmented virtual reality.” From there, the company built a desktop application that would track data from players. “Each player in NFL games wears two tracking chips, one that tracks their movement and one that creates XY grid coordinates that...

Aug 3, 2021