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Jahleane Dolne, A LinkedIn Creator, Offers Advice On How To Jumpstart The Career Of Your Dreams

Drake released an album, “Scary Hours.” And while many resonated with its theme, many likely didn’t believe that today’s job market would take on some similar sentiments. Currently, job seekers are navigating turbulent and interesting times. There are consistent layoffs but also an influx of available job postings of new openings. Couple that dichotomy with the inflation rate, and the job search process takes on a life of its own that many were not expecting, especially the most recent graduating cohort. According to data provided by LinkedIn, the Class of 2023 is graduating into a challenging job market, with data showing that hiring is down 45% for those who recently finished their bachelor’s degree, compared to the same time last year. It also showed that hiring dropped 37% year over year for entry-level jobs that do not require a college degree. This reality hits a little harder for Black and Latino career starters. LinkedIn shared that based on a Federal Reserve Economic Data...

Jun 14, 2023

Four Ways To Recession-Proof Your Career, According To LinkedIn Career Expert Andrew McCaskill

Here’s a harsh reality — a recession may be on its way. Many economists and business insiders believe that it is already here. With the uneasy motion of the real estate market, the crazy price of eggs, and a tumultuous job market — all signs point to an economically unstable economic environment that has people on edge. However, all is not lost. For Black people particularly, there is a well-documented history of overcoming difficult times. When society and powers placed restrictions to hinder Black men and women, they created resources, services, and products that transcended prejudices and allowed them to succeed. That same level of ingenuity and resilience is evident today as people navigate the uncertainty that’s present in several industries in the job market. AfroTech was able to team up with Andrew McCaskill, Sr. Director & Career Expert, LinkedIn, to gain practical insight on how job seekers can become recession-proof.

Feb 8, 2023

How Dr. Rachel Angel Launched An App To Set Youth Of Color Up For Career Success

As a teenager, Dr. Rachel Angel hit the ground running, working full-time in addition to her role as a student. Navigating the difficulties of balancing both roles, she acknowledges built character, but she knew it would be critical to position herself in a high-paying job role she could succeed in. After a pivotal conversation with her classmate, she was then compelled to become a pharmacist. Upon graduating high school, Angel’s path would lead her to become a student at the University of Hampton, where she would eventually earn a d octor of pharmacy degree. She once again wore various hats during her tenure at the University, which included working two jobs at an assisted living facility and a pharmacy to begin developing her career path. Eventually, her efforts would lead her to serve as an intern, landing a job as a pharmacist. Despite finally securing a job role predestined by years of hard work, Dr. Angel felt crippling survivor’s guilt entering a space in which few Black...

Oct 30, 2021

Facebook & More Reach Out After Job Seeker's Transparent Post Goes Viral, 'Today, I Cried'

A moment of frustration and despair led Carah Lockett to LinkedIn, where she would write a viral post garnering half a million views from job recruiters and users who shared similar sentiments. Amidst the pandemic, many reconsidered their current job positions as transitional periods trickled into the workforce economy. The same went for Lockett, who would bravely quit her most recent Navy Federal Credit Union job in August 2021. “There was a lack of growth for me. I want to know that my efforts are working towards something — that there’s an end goal in mind,” she told AfroTech. “Unfortunately working in that branch, I was not able to move up in the way that I wanted to.” Lockett joins a cohort of millennials who have tapped into “The Great Resignation.” Approximately 63 percent of millennials are on the search for new employment opportunities, according to Bankrate’s August jobseeker survey. A push for higher pay is just one factor contributing to the growing quitting spree. The...

Oct 29, 2021