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Fat Joe Claims Rolling With A Large Entourage Led Him To Lose $2M Early On In His Career — 'We Fall Into This Trip...When We Try To Help Everybody'

The company you keep can make or break you, and artist Fat Joe found this out the hard way. According to Forbes, Fat Joe shared that he once lost out on $2 million because of the large entourage he rolled with during an earlier part of his career. “We fall into this trap all the time when we try to help everybody, and it’s detrimental to you and your finances,” Fat Joe told the outlet. What’s more, the Bronx native revealed that on a day-to-day basis, he surrounded himself with over 30 people, all of whom he took care of financially. However, Fat Joe’s commitment to his people would take an interesting turn when the chief financial officer (CFO) of a marketing company attempted to contact the “What’s Luv” emcee with an offer to promote a beer company. This offer would quickly fall short. To close the deal, the executive planned to present Fat Joe with a $2 million check “with Fat Joe’s name on the ‘pay-to-the-order-of’ line,” Forbes mentioned. Unfortunately, the business opportunity...

Shanique Yates

Mar 14, 2024

Fat Joe Files Lawsuit Against Accountants For Allegedly Stealing Millions Of Dollars In A 'Fraudulent Scheme'

“I’ma spend his cream, seduce, and scheme.” If you’re not familiar with those lyrics, get hip as they are the catchy words to the single from the fictional characters “Shawna” and “Mia” from Issa Rae’s “RAP SH!T.” And it looks as if New York rapper Fat Joe is on the opposite side of those lyrics in real life. According to a report from Billboard, the “Lean Back” rapper is suing his accountants after claiming they stole millions of dollars in a “fraudulent scheme.”

Josh Rodgers

Oct 4, 2022

Fat Joe And Mayor Link Up To Auction Their Favorite Air Force 1 Sneakers For Virgil Abloh's 'Post Modern' Scholarship Fund

Virgil Abloh’s “Post-Modern” scholarship fund is continuing to be poured into since the fashion designer’s passing. This time, it’s from the help of Fat Joe and Mayor.

Ngozi Nwanji

Jun 30, 2022

Fat Joe, Pepsi Stronger Together Team Up To Provide $100K In Music Scholarships For Underserved Youth

Pepsi Stronger Together and Fat Joe are teaming up to partner with Gamesa Cookies to provide underserved youth with access and opportunities through its first national scholarship search. According to PR Newswire, the program will serve as a leg of PepsiCo’s series of grassroots initiatives that are specifically designed to support local communities. Overall, the goal is to support underserved youth across the nation by allowing students to apply for a chance to receive one of four $25,000 scholarships to pursue an education in music and the arts.

Shanique Yates

Jun 9, 2022

Fat Joe Gears Up For The Metaverse's First-Ever Marathon With Degree® Deodorant And Decentraland

As the metaverse continues to expand and grow, so do the people engaged in it. So, with that said, it makes sense why Degree® Deodorant is partnering with Decentraland, Grammy-nominated artist Fat Joe, and paralympic athlete Blake Leeper for the first-ever marathon set to take place in the metaverse. The goal is to push for more inclusivity in the virtual world and continue the brand’s continuous fight for representation when it comes to sports. “I woke up this morning and I was just thinking about the metaverse, and recently people have been talking about it’s not diverse enough. It doesn’t have enough inclusivity,” Fat Joe told AfroTech. “When you think of the metaverse, it was made for inclusiveness, you know.” He continued: “Everything I do just refers back to lyrics and one that sticks out is when Tupac said, ‘It ain’t no hope for the future.’ Because we’ve been dealing with a racist, real world. Now, as we are in the metaverse, where we’re supposed to use our imagination and...

Shanique Yates

Apr 25, 2022

What's Fat Joe's Reported Net Worth In 2021?

It’s the battle of the 1990s rappers on VERZUZ, as Fat Joe faces off against Ja Rule. While there’s some question as to who will emerge victorious, tonight, what’s clear is that despite his various controversies, the man born Joseph Cartagena has overcome plenty of legal battles to get a $4 million net worth, according to Celebrity Net Worth. As he told Forbes Magazine, he did so by keeping his eye on the prize, and by addressing the issues as they came up without allowing them to get out of control. “I’m known to be hands-on 100%,” Fat Joe said to the outlet. “I don’t know any other way to be, than a leader by example. When I came up in Hip Hop, there was no such thing as a Puerto Rican rapper doing Hip Hop for many mainstream people, so I was the ship, the captain, and the crew. The new artists that I have, need to see me in action and feel my energy and drive to know what it takes to be successful. A hit record is only a part of that puzzle.” Let’s take a look at how Fat Joe...