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How Tyrese Gibson's Extra Curricular Investments Built Him A Multi-Million Dollar Net Worth

Tyrese Gibson, widely known simply as Tyrese, is a multi-hyphenate talent regarded for his work on film and television, as well as his Grammy-nominated music career. Like many A-listers, Tyrese has worked his way up from small commercial placements to top-billed positions in massive blockbuster films. Unlike a number of his peers, however, Tyrese Gibson amassed his net worth purely from his own talent, business acumen, and hard work, rising out of the slums of the Los Angeles neighborhood Watts and earning millions. There are conflicting reports for Tyrese Gibson’s net worth, ranging from $5 million to over $30 million. Suffice it to say that the talented performer holds a multi-million dollar fortune, which is earned through a number of high-profile income streams. Here’s a brief look at where Tyrese came from, where he is now, and the many avenues he has utilized to earn his fortune. Tyrese Gibson’s Humble Beginnings (Photo by Paras Griffin/Getty Images) Tyrese was raised by a...

TeeJay Small

Mar 22, 2024