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Beyond Banking: Capital One's Commitment to Elevating Black Tech Leaders And Small Businesses

Prominent industry leaders are increasingly expected to embody customer ideals and represent the communities they serve. This expectation has even some of the biggest tech giants shook, but Capital One seems to be fearlessly embracing this responsibility with a sense of urgency. This is precisely what propelled Emmanuel Offiong, VP and CTO of Business Bank Engineering, to join Capital One after he saw the company’s deeply rooted commitment to diversifying their teams and empowering small businesses. “What struck me the most was meeting leaders who looked like me in even more senior roles than the one I was being recruited for,” Emmanuel recalled about his interview process with Capital One. This was crucial for Emmanuel who serves as a member of the mentor network for Level Up Ventures, a mission-driven investment firm founded by the Hearst Corporation that aims to close the wealth gap by investing in high-growth Black and Latino-founded startups. He also serves on the board of...

Jun 18, 2024

More Than A Bank - Capital One Stands Tall As A Tech Leader Committed To Creating Space of Diversity And Belonging

The world is in an age of technology that people from decades ago likely could not fathom. With the emergence of AI and the range of tech products offered, there is little that people can’t imagine regarding innovation and advancement. This new tech era has revealed there isn’t just one way to create, to develop, or even to exist. In many ways, this technology amplified the necessity and interwoven strategies of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). The intersection of tech and DEI often manifests unexpectedly – in organizations where many people would not naturally think of those intersections. Capital One, for instance, is primarily known as a finance organization but is also a leader in technology and innovation. During a 2023 interview with Built In , the firm’s Director of Product Management, David Henkel, summed up its innovative approach. “We’re a tech company disguised as a bank,” he said. The work of people like Maureen Jules-Perez has cemented this identity marker. As...

Jun 7, 2024

Paving A More Inclusive Future for Tech: Capital One’s Make Today Initiative

Diversity is crucial to helping tech companies stay on the cutting edge of innovation. Black technologists and leaders are more important than ever in helping create more inclusivity in the way we use data, but very few companies are actively creating a culture that makes diverse tech employees feel like they truly belong. But that’s not the case with Capital One. Capital One is attracting, retaining and promoting diverse tech talent to do better work, solve innovative problems and build better financial technology products. Not only is Capital One passionate about bringing diverse perspectives to data solutions, but also aspires to serve as an example of equitable, welcoming tech workplaces. With its Make Today initiative, Capital One is calling all Black technologists to action by reminding us that we are makers. Every technologist can create solutions and improve products, and on a larger scale, have the potential to pave a better future. Led by Kimberly Hall, Vice President of...

Jan 10, 2023

We Are Makers: A Look At Capital One’s Make Today Initiative

Don’t sleep on your vision for your future in technology. Let’s make it happen today with Capital One. With its Make Today campaign, Capital One is taking diversity and inclusion to the next level by encouraging Black technologists to contribute to innovation, prioritize data and pay homage to the past to create a more inclusive tech culture. Capital One reminds us that Black people have always been the original inventors, shakers, and movers of innovation. Make Today was launched by Capital One’s Blacks in Tech (BIT) Business Resource Group, an organization of Black technologists who are committed to cultivating, inspiring, educating, and supporting Black technologists at all stages of their career. BIT aims to create a lasting impact by amplifying BIT initiatives, engaging our peers to strengthen our inclusive culture and helping Capital One recruit, attract and retain top talent from all backgrounds. At October’s BIT conference and AfroTech conference in November, this year’s...

Dec 9, 2022

One Day or TODAY? How Kimberly Hall is Impacting Culture at Capital One.

The time is now to bring more diverse ideas, perspectives and experiences to the technology we use. As technology becomes an even more fundamental part of financial information and access, Capital One is taking diversity and inclusion to the next level with its Make Today campaign. The campaign encourages Black technologists to contribute to innovation, prioritize data and pay homage to our past to create a more inclusive industry. AfroTech spoke with Capital One’s Vice President of Software Engineering, Kimberly Hall, about her path to Capital One and the importance of Make Today’s call to action for more Black technologists to pave a better path towards the future of technology.

Dec 1, 2022

Black Girl Magic Summit, Capital One Host Pitch Competition Awarding Up To $100K In Grants For Black Female Entrepreneurs

Black women should shoot for the stars. To turn their dreams into a reality, Boss Women Media’s Black Girl Magic Summit returned for its fourth consecutive year. According to a press release, the summit was created to uplift and celebrate Black women professionals, entrepreneurs, and student changemakers. This year’s summit was pre-recorded in Los Angeles in late July, and is set to air on Aug. 27 on Amazon Prime. Black women heard topics centering on financial well-being, career development, advancing socioeconomic mobility, small business success, and more led by keynote speakers, including Allyson Felix, Meena Harris, Aurora James, and Meagan Good. “We are on a mission to provide Black women with the tools and education they need to take the next steps toward having more,” said Marty McDonald, Founder and CEO of Boss Women Media, according to a press release. “The Black Girl Magic Summit is a pivotal part of this mission as it gives us the stage and presence to amplify critical...

Aug 2, 2022

Each One Teach One: Black Technologists At Capital One Launch a Successful Employee Mentoring Program

You walked across the stage with your degree in hand and were fortunate enough to land a job right away. Now what? Or maybe you have several years’ worth of industry experience and you’re thinking about changing things up. Whether you’re new to the game or looking to level up, setting new career goals can be overwhelming, and it’s a lot easier when you have some help. The Blacks in Tech (BIT) employee resource group at Capital One wants to help all its members think through and navigate career elevation. In 2021, the group launched the Rise Up mentorship program. For six months, participants are paired with mentors based on mutual career interests, current job positions and professional goals, such as leadership or exploring another role. Eloise Hudgins, Chief of Staff, Budget and Labor at Capital One, was drawn to the program as a mentor and mentee. After two years with the company, she was looking for insight on the obstacles she was dealing with at work, and wanted to help others...

Feb 24, 2022

Capital One Is Donating $10K Grants To Create A More Hopeful Future For Black-Owned Business

Capital One will continue to support underserved communities. The banking service will build on its $200 million multi-year commitment by contributing an additional $10 million to existing and new partnerships. The funding aims to close gaps in equity and opportunity to foster growth for underserved communities. Recipients of the new funding include African American Alliance of CDFI CEOs, Vera Institute of Justice, United Negro College Fund, finEQUITY, Local Initiatives Support Corporation, Black Girl Ventures, and Jobs for the Future. In addition, Capital One will target funding toward Black-owned businesses. The contribution will be timely as various Black businesses experienced financial droughts during the peak of the pandemic. Capital One will partner with the Association for Enterprise Opportunity to create the Capital One Business grant program. Business owners will receive $10,000 grants through the program and access to free resources to propel their business through...

Feb 8, 2022

Good Lookin’ Out: Black Technologists At Capital One Are Making Sure We’re Seen And Heard Within The Company

Sometimes work can be a lot. Even if we love what we do, we need to take time to reflect on our responsibilities within an organization and how to move forward in ways that align with our professional and personal goals. The Blacks in Tech (BIT) business resource group at Capital One makes space for that re-up through its annual BIT Summit. Thirty employee volunteers planned and hosted the 2021 virtual event held in October 2021. The four-day summit had a record-breaking attendance of about 1,300 employees who logged in to experience programming around the theme “Tech Out LOUD: Leadership, Opportunity, Unity and Diversity.” Lead event organizer Devon Rollins says the summit is a convening to celebrate, acknowledge, train and reward the work, resilience and incredible contributions of Black technologists at Capital One. “We intend for people to walk away with their ‘Aha!’ moment, where either they learn about new capabilities or platforms or tools available for them to do their jobs,...

Dec 16, 2021

How Capital One’s Maureen Jules-Perez Is Changing Work Culture With Technology

As technology advances, it’s even changing the way we use and save money. With the increased use of digital currencies and online transactions, it makes sense that financial institutions would leverage these advancements to support their business and their customer base. Capital One is a major tech innovator positioning itself as a leader in the financial industry. Maureen Jules-Perez, Managing VP and Head of People Tech, is dedicated to building both high-performing tech teams and an inclusive culture at Capital One that supports its associates, customers and community. She’s responsible for leading the technology team that’s supporting Capital One’s associate experiences with human resources, enterprise safety and security, brand, design, legal, mergers and acquisitions and corporate strategy — not to mention workspaces and remote work capabilities, which are a critical component to culture as companies continue to navigate the ambiguity of the pandemic. The road to success for...

Oct 27, 2021

Capital One Coders Program Introduces A New Generation of Black Coders

Lisa Collins talks STEM education, her contribution to the Capital One Coders program, and her journey in the technology industry as a Black woman. Science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) studies are often portrayed as areas with high barriers of entry and low retention, especially for Black students. But Lisa Collins, director of data engineering at Capital One, does not subscribe to that worn-out stereotype. The Richmond, VA native believes her career passion now lies within the field of tech and data. She has served in many roles at Capital One over the last 15 years, but now she actively volunteers in her community with the Capital One Coders program finding ways to help spark young student’s passion for all things STEM. AfroTech spoke with Collins to learn more about the Capital One Coders program and her role as a volunteer, mentor, and lead co-sponsor in the initiative to bring STEM into every classroom. From an early age, Collins knew education would be the bedrock...

Nov 5, 2019