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Here Are 6 Black Entrepreneurs Who Are Already Building Business Empires In Their Teens That Should Be On Your Radar

Young minds inspire us to keep our dreams in reach because it’s never too late or too early for them to become a reality. Better yet, we are seeing more teens take root in the entrepreneurship sector and set a standard on how to run a successful business. From a beauty supply store to a cookie business, the youth are racking in the big bucks through their moves. These teens did not have a road map, a degree, or years of experience in their fields but what they did have was ambition, a willingness to make the world a better place, and a support system to take them to the finish line. Here’s a list of six teens who turned into bosses at an early age.

Samantha Dorisca

Sep 2, 2022

Mom Quits Job To Help Her 17-Year-Old Son Achieve His Dream Of Opening His Own Business, Roll-N-Sweetz Rolled Ice Cream

This high school teen is about his business. WLBT News reports 17-year-old a’Ron Burns is the owner of Roll-N-Sweetz in North Omaha, NE, a subsidiary of the Burns Family LLC and home to an array of ice creams and other delights. Burns originally planned to pursue a career in criminal justice, but later realized he could still connect with his community through entrepreneurship. “With entrepreneurship, I can provide jobs, I can provide peace, I can provide comfort. And with ice cream, it’s also an emotional support food. So, it also would help me connect to people who are going through things I might not know, but the ice cream might help,” a’Ron told WLBT News.

Samantha Dorisca

Jul 7, 2022