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20 Black-Owned Brands To Give Your Coins To On Amazon Prime Day And Beyond

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, and we are not talking about Christmas. The world is in the middle of Amazon Prime Day, and packages are being shipped out like an Oprah giveaway — everyone gets a box! However, in good AfroTech fashion, Amazon Prime Day is an opportunity to support all Black-owned businesses and brands. As a company, Amazon has been intentional with its support of Black-owned businesses. As a part of its support over the last several years, the e-commerce giant has amplified the voices of Black business owners by creating a landing page for consumers to navigate. We took some time to navigate through all of the brands created by Black people, and we found some dope stuff. From beauty brands to cooking essentials, there is literally something for everyone during this “prime” shopping season. Check out this list of brands and creators available to shop with on Amazon below:

Josh Rodgers

Jul 12, 2022

Amazon Could Open Up To 3,000 Cashier-less Stores By 2021

Amazon may shake up the brick-and-mortar store industry once again by opening 3,000 cashier-less Go locations by 2021, according to Bloomberg. The company’s aggressive plan puts convenience store giants like 7-Eleven and CVS at risk. The plan is in line with Amazon’s 2016 buying of Whole Foods in 2017. Since purchasing Whole Foods for $13.7 billion, Amazon has implemented a grocery delivery service in the stores for Amazon Prime users in an effort to target competitors like Instacart. Amazon opened its first Go store in Seattle in 2016. The company has since opened another store in the city and in Chicago. More Amazon Go stores are also slated to open in San Francisco and Chicago by the end of this year and into early 2019.  

Arriana McLymore

Sep 20, 2018

Netflix Is Succeeding Over Other Platforms With Black Content And Young Audiences

A recent Cowen Insights report showed that Netflix is a mainstay in many homes. 39 percent of people surveyed ages 18-34 cited Netflix as the service they use most often to view video content on TV. Only 17 percent named Google’s YouTube as their top service. Amazon Prime video trailed with 3 percent, and traditional basic cable was preferred by just 13 percent of respondents. The insights from the report on CultureBanx shows that content with diverse storylines such as predominately black casts or displays of black identity gets an increase in viewership by non-black audiences as well. And by tapping into younger, more diverse audiences, Netflix is outperforming the competition. Netflix’s initiatives such as ‘Strong Black Lead’ on Facebook and Twitter are having a positive impact on viewership through social engagement and campaigns such as the star-studded “A Great Day In Hollywood” campaign , which was modeled after the iconic “A Great Day In Harlem” image. Netflix’s 125 million...

Christine Cauthen

Jul 12, 2018