If anyone knows a thing or two about lessons in business or just life in general, it’s Steve Harvey.

The media mogul has been known to open up about the trials and tribulations of life. What’s more, he’s even shared how he’s used wisdom passed down from his father to pull himself out of dark times, which is one of the things that has led him to the successful man he is today.

Don't Be Afraid To Fail

“It’s that failure piece,” said Harvey during a previous appearance on Earn Your Leisure (EYL). “That’s why you got to lose your fear of failure because it’s in the failures [that] you learn these lessons. My father used to say the best lesson you’ll ever learn is a lesson that you pay for. That one [is] gonna stick with you harder than anything.”

Keeping The Faith

Harvey also gave insight into the importance of having faith.

“Faith is when I was 10 and on the assignment, I wrote that I wanted to be on TV, that’s faith,” he recalled during the episode. “I didn’t know I couldn’t do it. So, I just wrote it.”

Writing The Vision And Making It Plain

“I did not get on TV until i was 36. It took 26 years for that little piece of paper to ring true, that took a lot of faith,” Harvey expressed. “But in there, in between there — the homelessness, the losing everything I ever earned, I’ve ever had — twice. I’ve lost everything twice. I lost it all when I was homeless. I lost it all again in 2005. I was zeroed out. In 2005, I had 1,700 dollars left.”

For him, learning to navigate those dark moments with ease play a huge factor in the man he is today.

Lessons Learned

“In those dark moments is when I learned, okay, faith is belief in things that you cannot see. I don’t know how Imma rise up again, but I gotta believe that I am,” Harvey shared with the hosts of EYL.

“And then you gotta keep that imagination that I saw since I was 10. I was going to be on TV. So that imagination, I had to keep relying on that because that’s all I had,” he continued. “The dream was to get on TV, and I had to keep that in my head even through the darkest moments because see — if you master the mental aspect of it — when the stuff is happening, that’s [when everything else] comes into play.”

The Thing That Made The Difference

Harvey credits his ability to pull himself out of a dark space and to land back on the path toward success to his wife Marjorie.

“A woman was [the] difference maker in my life, my wife,” he shared with EYL. “When I married Marjorie, it changed the game for me because for the first time in my life I was at peace. She made me good with who I was because she kept telling me, ‘You’re a major TV star. Don’t believe this here. Steve, you look good. You can do this.'”

Furthermore, he says having a peaceful home also played a huge factor.

“I had a peaceful home. I had never had a peaceful home life before,” Harvey expressed in the conversation.