Over the span of his career, Steve Harvey has become one of the biggest names in entertainment. Not only has his A-list status come from his stand-up comedy and hosting popular shows like “The Steve Harvey Morning Show” and “Family Feud,” but he’s also a prolific businessman — all without a degree.

Prior to him becoming the mogul, he is today, Harvey experienced a time when he was questioned for not pursuing higher education.

The story: During an episode of his daytime talk show “Steve Harvey,” the host shared an experience from dating back in the day.


“I dated a girl one time who had two college degrees … And she said so, what’s your educational background? I said, ‘School,'” he shared. “I ain’t know what she’s talking about. It’s a true story. She looked at me and said, ‘School? What do you have a degree in?’ I said, ‘I don’t have a degree.’ … She said, ‘How are you planning on making it without a degree?’ Tada!”

As an example of what success looks like without a degree, Harvey has been vocal about what he believes it takes to make it.

In an interview with Brian Underwood, he spoke on how building relationships can be just as valuable as going to college.

“When you’re really in business, ain’t nobody asking you what your degree in,” he said during the interview. “Don’t nobody even talk to you about your degree. They want a relationship. The dude that helped you out that say, ‘Hey man, get back up on that horse’ because he had that relationship with you.”

Connections build wealth: Harvey’s gift of knowing how to connect with and move people has led to his wealth.

Harvey’s fortune: As previously reported by AfroTech, he has an estimated net worth of $200 million.

Harvey went from working gigs that didn’t pay the bills to a comedy legend with a production company, an investor, and the list goes on.