TRiBL is a social networking platform on a mission to unite the diaspora.

Beginning at the end of this month, TRiBL will rebrand its mobile application to include Pan-African commerce providing greater opportunities to circulate wealth within the Black community.

With partnerships from Visa and cryptocurrency firms Circle Internet Financial & Paxos Brokerage, the company will soft launch digital wallets for users to access within the application to monetize approved group chats. Cryptocurrencies will provide Black creators and influencers an opportunity to gain income from fiat rates and greater visibility for fundraising opportunities.

1. Digital Wallets Will Provide Fundraising Opportunities

TriBL Founder & CEO Ikechi Nwabuisi witnessed the importance of providing centralized fundraising efforts during the height of the social movement, End SARS.

“During the END Sars Movement in Nigeria, a feminist coalition used Twitter to raise money, however, the Nigerian government shut down international remittances, so they began taking Bitcoin. The ability for any organization to be able to fundraise internationally is one of the core experiences they would be able to achieve within TRiBL,” Nwabuisi shared exclusively with AfroTech.

2. What The E-Commerce App Will Provide

The launch will feature monthly subscription-based channels secured by a paywall with varying rates depending on the services offered by the provider.

Influencers will create subscription-based channels where can collect membership fees, donations, and tips through the form of Bitcoin.

Exciting features will allow providers to personalize their paywalls and to include incentives for potential subscribers.

Referred to the app as “The Black Reddit” the algorithm will present relevant affinity groups based on profile data from its users. Affinity groups will expand networking capabilities, revealing nearby members who have also subscribed to the same channel.

3. Virtual Debit Cards Expected By The End Of The Year

TRiBLS’s upcoming launch will advance the company’s mission “to generate wealth in the community because every transaction is accumulating Black dollars,” Nwabuisi told AfroTech.

Nwabuisi’s mission will only accelerate as the year comes to a close announcing the company’s plans to provide the TRiBL virtual debit card to its customers where they will be able to use their money universally where Visa is accepted.