Snoop Dogg is making it known that Death Row Records is in the right hands.

As AfroTech previously told you, the rapper secured ownership of the record label at the top of the year.

Now that he owns the label, he also now owns the master recordings of “Doggystyle,” “Tha Doggfather,” and some records from former label artists, per Complex.

One of Snoop Dogg’s first orders of business was ensuring artists on the label could receive their just dues. He accomplished this by first removing the music that was in his control from streaming platforms.

“First thing I did was snatch all the music off those platforms traditionally known to people because those platforms don’t pay,” Snoop Dogg said on Drink Champs. “And those platforms get millions and millions and millions of streams and nobody gets paid other than the record labels. So, what I wanted to do is snatch my music off, [and] create a platform, which is something similar to Amazon, Netflix, Hulu. It’ll be a Death Row app, and then the music, in the meantime, will live in the metaverse.”

Within the same year of venturing into the metaverse, Snoop Dogg says Death Row Records has made $40 million. Now, the serial entrepreneur says he is ready for the label to have a strong presence in countries across the world.

“We started off in the metaverse. We did about $40 million in the metaverse. Now, we plan to go around the universe,” Snoop Dogg explained on 85 South Comedy Show.

He continued: “I wanna do Death Row India, Death Row Africa, Death Row Asia — everything. I want to go global, because you gotta look at it like this, that logo, and that brand is so well known. It’s so established that it’s time to start letting other countries give it a shot at what they sound could be because Death Row was just a small company with a big a– dream, and I feel like taking it to a country with some small artists with a big a– dream is gonna keep it growing.”