Snoop Dogg is crip walking all across every industry as he builds his music portfolio.

From acquiring Death Row Records to making investments in Klarna, Snoop Dogg is putting the world on notice that there is no limit to his business pursuits. New to the list of his assets is the world’s first NFT restaurant group.

Dining In The Metaverse And Beyond

According to Black Enterprise, the California-based rapper partnered with Food Fighters Universe (FUU) to open Snoop’s Dr. Bombay Sweet Exploration under the FUU banner in the Los Angeles area. Becoming the first restaurant concept launched by FUU, Dr. Bombay Sweet Explorations is an interactive dessert experience based on Snoop’s Dr. Bombay character and his Bored Ape NFT.

In collaboration with his son, Cordell Broadus, the two are maximizing their Web3 presence as Champ Medici to leverage the deal.

“Without even knowing them personally, I came down and spoke at their grand opening in April because I believed in it so much. Food Fighters Universe is bridging food and Web3 and blazing a trail with real-life utility for NFTs. It’s the future of the restaurant industry, and my dad and I are thrilled to join the team and utilize their expertise to bring Dr. Bombay to life,” Broadus said of the deal.

Details about the official release date for Dr. Bombay’s Sweet Exploration are expected to be announced soon.

Andy Nguyen and Kevin Seo are the brains behind FFU. The NFT food concept launched with a collection of 10,000 unique tokens on the Ethereum blockchain. Owners who purchased the initial collection assisted in building out metaverse and real-life food experiences like their upcoming partnership with Snoop and his son.

“This is the first of many concepts to come from our Web3 restaurant group, and we couldn’t ask for better partners than Dr. Bombay and Champ Medici.”