Slim Thug holds his role as a Houstonian in high regard and plays no games when taking care of his own.

What’s more, rather than complaining about the woes of gentrification that often hits major, buzzing cities like Atlanta, Oakland, Los Angeles, as well as Houston, the rapper-turned-businessman took matters into his own hands.

Putting On For His City

“We built affordable homes because a lot of people are going through these hoods and just buying up everything, you know what I’m saying, and running these people out of there and building these expensive places and running them taxes up,” said Slim Thug during an interview on “Sway’s Universe” in 2017. “So, you know, it’s definitely going down in H-Town.”

Since 2015, the “Welcome 2 Houston” emcee has been bringing affordable housing to the city through his Boss Life Construction company, co-founded alongside Cory Crawford and Troy Green, to their Texas community.

Boss Life Construction

According to the website for the company, its mission is “about cultivating a true sense of community for both families and single, young professionals alike.”


“Boss Life Construction is dedicated to building affordable homes without sacrificing the quality you deserve,” continued an excerpt from the site. “Our business, infrastructure, and community program investments help make neighborhoods work for people of all incomes.”

After being awarded his own day in Houston — which falls on Feb. 25 — in 2014, Slim Thug was inspired to do more for his city.

“When they gave me my own day, that was one thing they told us about, it’s a thing called LARA [Land Assemblage Redevelopment Authority] lots where if you build affordable homes, then they will allow you to get the land for like a dollar,” he explained. “So, what we did was we got a couple of lots from them and built on that, but the deal is you gotta build an affordable home, and also if they qualify, we give them the down payment to move in and everything.”

Hometown Heroes

As previously reported by AfroTech, Slim Thug isn’t the only Houstonian giving back to his city in a huge way. 

Fellow Houston natives Kelly Rowland and Beyoncé teamed up with Harris County to build permanent housing for the homeless community in the city.

“Harris County and the city of Houston, jointly with the coalition for the homeless, have reduced homeless in the middle of the pandemic by 20 percent, and we’ve been able to hold that reduction,” Judge Lina Hidalgo said in a press conference, according to the Houston Chronicle. “We just did the homeless count again, so it’s initiatives like this one I certainly will be supportive of no matter who’s behind it, but it’s especially interesting, I think, because there are these names of Beyoncé and Kelly Rowland, who, of course, have been supportive of the community for a very long time.”