Shaquille O’Neal and Reebok have reunited!

Reebok's President of Basketball

According to Footwear News, he will join the company as president of basketball. Reebok CEO Todd Krinsky says the role is more than just a fancy title. O’Neal’s involvement will have a hands-on impact on Reebok’s long-term strategies.

“This is not a consulting role,” Krinsky told the outlet. “This is not a figurehead announcement where we create a cool title and then he goes away and calls me once in a while. He’s committed to how we reenter the basketball community, everything from product to marketing to events. He’s got a sharp point of view on things, but he’s also very collaborative and he’s open minded on how we can reenter.”

The news comes 25 years after O’Neal exited Reebok. In 1992, he had signed with the company sporting shoes such as the Shaq Attaq and Shaqnosis, the outlet mentions. O’Neal walked away from $40 million when he said his goodbye in 1998, as AFROTECH previously told you.

Now, he will have a new opportunity to reach the rising generation of athletes who share his love and passion for the game. He will be responsible for cultivating partnerships with athletes and organizations as well as steering Reebok’s basketball category strategy.

“It’s all about product, players and the community and having the confidence to do things our own way,” O’Neal expressed, according to Footwear News. “We need to capitalize on Reebok’s heritage and product expertise in the sport for today’s youth, but also focus on getting involved in the community from a grassroots level. We’re going to bring in a new generation of players who have strong authenticity and passion, or what I like to refer to as the ‘it’ factor, who can put their own mark on this brand and make it relevant to a whole new generation.”

Allen Iverson Named Reebok's Vice President Of Basketball

What’s more, O’Neal will be working with another basketball legend. Allen Iverson will join Reebok as vice president of basketball. Iverson currently has a lifetime deal with the company, which will reportedly lead him to gain a $32 million payout in 2030, as AFROTECH previously told you.

Under his new title, it will be his responsibility to “drive player recruitment, grassroots and community-based initiatives and athlete activations,” including the Iverson Classic high school basketball showcase.

“We’re taking two of the most iconic athletes for Reebok, with one signing in ’92 and the other in ’96, and instead of just having them be athletes that we give product to today or consult with us, we’re putting them in real management roles. This is a movement that really hasn’t happened in our industry,” Krinsky explained, per Footwear News. “We’ve got legacy athletes, 20-plus year relationships, and we’re putting them in positions of management to help us in the boardroom and to catapult the brand.”