Shaquille O’Neal doesn’t slow down when it comes to his business moves.

The basketball legend has teamed up with  Arcade1Up — a leader in at-home retro game entertainment — to release the NBA JAM™: SHAQ EDITION at-home arcade machine. Shaquille O’Neal stands is over seven feet tall. So, it’s fitting that Arcade1Up has released its largest at-home arcade cabinet to date at 67 inches tall with a 19-inch screen.

“We are honored to have worked closely with Shaq to create his very own arcade machine,” said Scott Bachrach, CEO, Arcade1Up, according to a press release. “The pure scale of it is something our fans have been asking for since our inception – we thought, who better to make a large-scale machine than the world’s favorite big man!”

The machine will feature three games: NBA JAM™, NBA JAM TOURNAMENT EDITION™,  and NBA HANGTIME™. Players will have a chance to compete with at least four opponents from their own NBA JAM™: SHAQ EDITION or on Arcade1Up’s original NBA JAM™ arcade machine.

NFL Blitz Legend

As AfroTech previously told reported, the at-home gaming company recently teamed up with Jerry Rice and Deion Sanders to bring back beloved games from the ’90s through NFL Blitz Legends.

“We could not be more excited to bring NFL Blitz Legends to fans who have been waiting years for the return of this iconic game,” said Bachrach, according to a press release. “Our team spent the better part of the last two years making sure we both honored the games’ past while bringing it up to today’s modern standards with AAA development efforts in partnership with the NFL and FGA, and I think we’ve achieved that in an unbelievable feat of fun, exciting, action-packed gameplay while reengineering the original game.”