NFL Blitz Legends has returned to recapture the hearts of gamers and NFL fans.

According to a press release, Arcade1Up, an at-home gaming entertainment company, has launched NFL Blitz Legends to bring remastered games from the ’90s back into your home. For the first time in Blitz franchise history, the company will introduce an arcade machine for at-home. In addition, it will feature three of their most popular titles: NFL Blitz, NFL Blitz ’99, and NFL Blitz 2000: Gold Edition. Also, players will compete online with Wi-Fi multiplayer and leaderboards.

The Return

The vision was made possible by HBCU Legend Jerry Rice and Pro Football Hall of Famers Deion Sanders, Cris Carter, Dan Marino, Brett Favre, Jerome Bettis, and Terrell Davis, who partnered with Arcade1Up, NFL, and the IMG-managed Football Greats Alliance (FGA) athletes to create an “authentic NFL Blitz Legends experience.”

“With the NFL Blitz Legends, you’re going to see all the Hail Mary’s. You’re going to see the interceptions and game-changing tackles, all of that. And of course, you got to see the touchdowns,” Rice told FanNation. “You can preorder the game at, Best Buy, or Walmart. This is really exciting. And to have players like Dan Marino, Deion Sanders, ‘The Bus’ Jerome Bettis, Terrell Davis, and Cris Carter. The list goes on and on. So I’m excited about this opportunity.”

Statement From Arcade1Up CEO, Scott Bachrach:

“We could not be more excited to bring NFL Blitz Legends to fans who have been waiting years for the return of this iconic game. Our team spent the better part of the last two years making sure we both honored the games’ past while bringing it up to today’s modern standards with AAA development efforts in partnership with the NFL and FGA, and I think we’ve achieved that in an unbelievable feat of fun, exciting, action-packed gameplay while reengineering the original game.”