Mooski’s 2021 hit “Track Star” may be filled with double entendre and deeper meanings, but its opening line — “She’s a runner. She’s a track star”— takes on a literal meaning for Sha’Carri Richardson.

Richardson is a Dallas, TX, native whose track career has experienced some hills and valleys but never infused extreme doubt for anyone who has followed the star’s journey. Her athletic prowess was confirmed even further when she qualified for the 2024 Paris Olympics.

Sha’Carri Richardson’s Journey

Richardson’s 2024 qualification is a testament to her resilience following a challenging period in 2021. According to a Forbes profile, a failed drug test led to a one-month suspension, causing her to miss the Tokyo Olympics. Her candid discussion about using cannabis to cope with the stress of Olympic qualifying and the loss of her biological mother earned her widespread respect. Despite the emotional turmoil, Richardson returned triumphantly in 2023, securing gold in the 100 meters at the World Championships for the fifth-fastest time in history, per the outlet. She also claimed a bronze medal in the 200 meters.

Owning Her Story

Based on a Nike interview, Richardson credits her current success and focus on the intentional inner work she’s been doing.

“Once I step on the track, it’s literally another level of intuition. It’s another level of commitment to that inner peace. Because once in that moment, there’s literally nobody else,” Richardson stated.

She continued: “…So right now, I just have to be with myself. What helps me with my inner peace when I’m on that line is actually knowing and telling myself that I’m my biggest fan. I’m my biggest fan; I’m my biggest critic. I’m prepared to criticize myself, I’m prepared to congratulate myself, I’m prepared to uplift myself.”

The 24-year-old has maximized that effort and turned it into lucrative opportunities. According to an Essentially Sports report, Richardson’s estimated net worth ranges from $1 million to $5 million. A part of this is her partnership with Nike.

A rumored $20 million five-year deal between Nike and Richardson was never confirmed. However, the Texas native became the face of the Nike x Jacquemus Spring 2024 collection, a collaboration with French fashion designer Simon Porte Jacquemus.

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Sha’Carri Richardson Is Maximizing Every Opportunity

According to a press release, the new collection features women’s and unisex apparel, a new J Force 1 women’s shoe, and a first-ever accessory: a Le Swoosh bag — the first time Nike’s iconic Swoosh has been imagined as a handbag.

This partnership makes perfect sense as Richardson is often highlighted for her authenticity in fashion and hair, bringing her personal style choices to every track meet and appearance.

“Fashion is so personal and I definitely use it to express myself — it can show how you feel, your mood, your creativity. From the colors you wear to the risks you take, fashion can be an outlet to show the world a little bit of who you are,” Richardson explained about the collection. “And that’s why I’m inspired by Simon ’s collection; the pieces are edgy and elegant at the same time, and it inspires me to keep showing up as I am while hopefully inspiring others to do the same.”

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But the deals don’t stop with Nike. Her Instagram profile shows that she is not slowing down and has additional partnerships and brand deals with Sprite, Oikos, Powerade, Olay, and Beats by Dre.