If you’ve felt like time on earth has been moving by faster than normal — your thoughts are valid and scientists have proof.

According to the Seattle Times, a group of scientists operating out of the National Physical Laboratory in England revealed that the Earth is spinning faster than normal.

To break it down a bit further, since the beginning of time, the Earth has completed its cycle in 24 hours. Within the last two months, that cycle has been shorter than normal.

Per The Guardian, on June 29, that same cycle was 1.59 milliseconds shorter than usual, making it the shortest day since the 1960s, which is when scientists first began using atomic clocks to measure time.

The month of June wasn’t the only time that the Earth was spinning at a rate much faster than normal.

On July 26, the same thing occurred when the Earth finished its rotation just a few seconds shy of the previous record the month before at 1.50 milliseconds shorter than normal.

Since Earth is spinning faster, the days are shorter. However, scientists can’t seem to place a finger on exactly why this is happening. Although, they do have a few theories.

From changes to the climate and climate systems like glaciers both melting and freezing to winds that are literally shifting weight pulls on the Earth and more, researchers are working to figure out what the underlying cause of this is.

One Australian astronomer explained that this could be happening as a result of the Earth not being as round as we think.

“It’s got liquid on the inside, it’s got liquid on the outside, and it’s got an atmosphere and all of these things slosh around a bit,” said Fred Watson in an interview with ABC.

And while scientists have all of these theories, so does Twitter.

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