Saint Augustine’s University (SAU) continues its tradition of making history by launching the nation’s first HBCU Urban Access Hub.

According to a press release, the new hub was created in an effort to advance equity in education. It will immerse the HBCU experience into urban communities that don’t necessarily have HBCUs present.

“Urban students need an HBCU experience,” said SAU President Dr. Christine Johnson McPhail in an official statement. “The programs such as these epitomize the meaning of legacy building.”

The HBCU Urban Access Fund

Thanks to the HBCU Urban Access Hub, students will have the opportunity to attend SAU in a more convenient, cost-effective way. Students can now seamlessly gain college transfer credits for the university while never leaving their home institutions.

“Despite the gains that African Americans have made, too many youths aren’t taking advantage of education in America,” said Dr. McPhail.

She continued: “With year-long access to the university, students will find opportunities to come to SAU, including summer enrichment programs, financial aid, and scholarships, starting in the ninth grade.”

Participating Institutions

The first schools to join the program include Wayne County Community College District (WCCCD) and Cass Technical High School. Both institutions are located in the inner-city of Detroit, Michigan.

“We were honored to have a visit from Saint Augustine’s University,” said Cass Technical High School Principal Lisa Phillips. “President McPhail is a leader who makes a commitment and follows through with precision. I enjoyed the relaxed down-home meeting, and the leadership team made me want to re-enroll in their university. I’m looking forward to a great partnership with one of the most prestigious and oldest HBCUs in the country.”

The pillars that make up the SAU Urban Access Hub are, Leadership & Commitment, Outreach & Preparation, Admissions & Advising, Financial Aid, as well as Student Engagement & Academic Affairs.