As part of its ongoing Black Community Commitment, NIKE, Inc. has found a new partner in the National Urban League (NUL) — alongside Converse and Jordan Brand — where it will donate $1 million to help the organization further its mission to champion Black employment and home ownership.

According to an announcement, the NUL has established a strong legacy of helping Black Americans and other underserved communities receive job training, education, workforce development, housing and community development and entrepreneurship to achieve economic independence.

“The National Urban League has been championing the elevation of Black lives and empowerment of Black communities for over 110 years,” Marc H. Morial, President and CEO of National Urban League, said in a statement. “With NIKE, Inc.’s investment, we’ll be able to both get more people to work in living wage jobs soon after incarceration and expand homeownership opportunities for Black individuals and families across the United States.”

Per the brand’s announcement, details of this newly-forged partnership include splitting the $1 million investment into two distinct areas:

      • $500,000 will go toward funding the NUL Urban Reentry Jobs Program — which provides former incarcerated adults with the skills and training needed to successfully re-enter the job market and find a position that can support their livelihoods and ultimately lead to a long-lasting career.
      • Another $500,000 will be allocated toward NUL’s “Home is Where the Wealth Is” — a campaign that helps Black Americans who are first time homebuyers purchase their dream homes through financial education and individualized coaching from certified housing counselors.
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In addition to NIKE, Inc’s partnership with the NUL, the brand is also rolling out $2.75 million in grant funding to local organizations making a difference within Black communities across seven U.S. cities — Portland, New York City, Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, Memphis and St. Louis.

This slate of investments — which amounts to between $50,000 and $75,000 for each organization — is said to help fuel economic empowerment, education, and social justice in a way that will propel these communities forward. Areas of focus will include workforce training, wealth creation, the arts and more.

For more information about NIKE, Inc. and the National Urban League’s partnership, click here.