Rick Ross, the biggest boss, is always thinking of his next move.

According to Kulture Hub, Rick Ross could soon make his stake in the sports industry as an investor in the National Basketball Association’s Miami Heat. The move would be only right for the rapper and entrepreneur who has been an avid supporter of the team and is considered by many as a Miami legend.

“I’m still interested in getting a small percentage of an NFL or NBA team,” Rick Ross shared during an episode of Uninterrupted’s Certified Buckets podcast when asked his stance on making a sports investment move. “I’d just invest in the Heat because we got some beautiful additions. And like I say I’m one of those people that can look three seasons ahead… I’m confident, we’ll bring them big trophies back.”

As someone who was raised in Dade County, Rick Ross has been a fan of the Miami Heat since day one. He went from watching games from awful seats to garnering relationships with the players, President Pat Riley, and the entire Heat organization as the rap mogul and superstar that he now is.

With only six people of color with ownership across all three major U.S. sports, including Major League Baseball (MLB), the National Basketball Association (NBA) and the National Football League (NFL), Rick Ross making the move would be monumental, not only for him but the Black community as a whole.

Per a study conducted by the Institute of Diversity and Ethics in Sports, reports show that 83 percent of NBA players, 69 percent of NFL players, and 38 percent of MLB players are all people of color, yet the representation simply is not there when it comes to ownership within the sports.

If Rick Ross were to invest, it wouldn’t be his first attempt to purchase an NBA team. Both he and Diddy eyed the Los Angeles Clippers in 2014. Unfortunately, they weren’t able to close the deal. According to Variety, instead, former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer snagged it by offering $2 billion.