Raquelle Boyd is an 11-year-old chef with big plans!

Milwaukee, WI’s TMJ4 reports that Raquelle — who is also known as Chef Kisses — has hosted a second successful pop-up drive-thru, following up on a previous one that had cars lined up down her block for two hours.

“It made me feel happy and that people really enjoy my food,” Raquelle told the outlet.

As for Raquelle’s parents, they nurtured her cooking dreams starting with a play kitchen before the age of five, and they continue to show their support in real time, having sponsored her first pop-up drive-thru.

“She’s been talking about Chef Kisses’ Place for a very long time,” her mother, Sarhena Boyd, expressed to TMJ4. “So when she came up with this idea it was like hey why not, we do a lot of stuff as a family.”

After the success of her initial pop-up, Raquelle decided to cook up some more good eats such as fried chicken, collard greens, macaroni and cheese, cornbread, and more for another round. What’s more, her parents said she invested her earnings from the first event to pay for the next herself.

“This is something she has a passion about, she don’t just talk about it, she’ll actually put the effort in,” her father, Robert Boyd, told TMJ4. “We sponsored the first one and she took literally — the second one, everything that came from her menu to her balloons her flyers, she paid for all of it herself.”

As Raquelle finds her footing, her parents plan to act as investors and will educate her on how to run a business. The budding chef hopes to one day own a restaurant.

For now, her mark of success is the quality of her cooking.

“I just wanted to cook and show everybody else how I cook,” Raquelle said, according to TMJ4.