Attention to detail is paying off on this person’s behalf!

According to Indy100, a person’s $20 bill actually turned out to be 250-times more than he expected thanks to an important detail that could’ve easily been missed.

Posted by a Redditor to the site’s “Interesting As F***” section, the bill definitely is one that will be remembered.

It turns out that the detail that made the bill so special was the number “1,” which in turn made his $20 bill worth about $5,000 to collectors.

“Note collectors will find that irresistible. Nice find,” commented one Reddit user. “Keep it mint,” they added.

While the owner of the bill is suspected to have already protected the bill in some kind of case, others continued to provide insight on the rarity of the bill and said that this may not be the only one of its kind.

“The letters before the numbers are the series run and there are dozens of series for each year they print them,” said one user. “Still exceptionally rare and makes it worth thousands, but it’s not the only 00000001.”

Another user adds that “there are many bills with the number 1… the first two letters and the last letter determine the batch. That’s three combinations and idk the math but I’d imagine there are a decent number.”

While this seems uncommon to most, the eye-catching serial number is said to be worth several thousand dollars, but bills with errors and other mistakes on them are often worth even more!

In 2018, a $1,000 “Grand Watermelon” Treasury Note from 1890 sold for $2 million. Apparently, its name was given due to the zeroes in “1,000,” which resembles watermelons.

Only seven of those bills are known to exist and a portrait of General George Gordon Meade is displayed on it.

Another bill from 1890 features U.S. Navy flag officer David Farragut and is worth between $10,000 to $200,000 and is a smaller version of the $1,000 Grand Watermelon bill.

All that this means for us, is that we need to pay closer attention to those bills before spending them — they could be worth more than we think!