Diversity is crucial to helping tech companies stay on the cutting edge of innovation. Black technologists and leaders are more important than ever in helping create more inclusivity in the way we use data, but very few companies are actively creating a culture that makes diverse tech employees feel like they truly belong. But that’s not the case with Capital One. 

Capital One is attracting, retaining and promoting diverse tech talent to do better work, solve innovative problems and build better financial technology products. Not only is Capital One passionate about bringing diverse perspectives to data solutions, but also aspires to serve as an example of equitable, welcoming tech workplaces.

With its Make Today initiative, Capital One is calling all Black technologists to action by reminding us that we are makers. Every technologist can create solutions and improve products, and on a larger scale, have the potential to pave a better future. 

Led by Kimberly Hall, Vice President of Software Engineering and BIT Summit lead, the Make Today Initiative was created to kick off Capital One’s internal conference for associates, the 2022 Blacks in Tech (BIT) Summit. Annually, the BIT Summit gathers Black Capital One associates and allies to hear from industry experts, culture agents and one another. 

Here’s how we can create an impact in tech TODAY:


Make Today urges us to take steps to impact the tech industry and seize opportunities for development to take our careers to the next level. Capital One’s interest groups create spaces for Black technologists to feel supported in advancing their careers and personal interests.


Obligation is stepping up to the responsibility that we have to both our community and ourselves by creating bridges with local stakeholders. Capital One outreach groups connect with local organizations, institutions and leaders to take steps to create a positive impact in the larger community.


Taking a data-led approach means digging into the facts, information and analytics at our fingertips. Creating the best data-driven solutions requires diverse representation of associates and leaders to explore data from new perspectives.


Acknowledgment means recognizing our own value and identifying ways to elevate ourselves, each other and the work that we can do. From creating opportunities to acknowledge team members within the company to acknowledging community partnerships, Capital One strives to shine a light on those who are creating a lasting impact in the tech industry.


Yesterday is a call to reflect and look back at our legacy, identifying the building blocks that have allowed us to make it this far. By reflecting on Capital One’s historical achievements in the tech industry, we can feel motivated and inspired to keep pushing towards a better future!

Join the Make Today initiative by exploring tech careers with Capital One and take your first step toward leaving your legacy in tech.

This editorial is brought to you in partnership with Capital One.