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Paving A More Inclusive Future for Tech: Capital One’s Make Today Initiative

Diversity is crucial to helping tech companies stay on the cutting edge of innovation. Black technologists and leaders are more important than ever in helping create more inclusivity in the way we use data, but very few companies are actively creating a culture that makes diverse tech employees feel like they truly belong. But that’s not the case with Capital One. Capital One is attracting, retaining and promoting diverse tech talent to do better work, solve innovative problems and build better financial technology products. Not only is Capital One passionate about bringing diverse perspectives to data solutions, but also aspires to serve as an example of equitable, welcoming tech workplaces. With its Make Today initiative, Capital One is calling all Black technologists to action by reminding us that we are makers. Every technologist can create solutions and improve products, and on a larger scale, have the potential to pave a better future. Led by Kimberly Hall, Vice President of...

Mahlet Yared

Jan 10, 2023

We Are Makers: A Look At Capital One’s Make Today Initiative

Don’t sleep on your vision for your future in technology. Let’s make it happen today with Capital One. With its Make Today campaign, Capital One is taking diversity and inclusion to the next level by encouraging Black technologists to contribute to innovation, prioritize data and pay homage to the past to create a more inclusive tech culture. Capital One reminds us that Black people have always been the original inventors, shakers, and movers of innovation. Make Today was launched by Capital One’s Blacks in Tech (BIT) Business Resource Group, an organization of Black technologists who are committed to cultivating, inspiring, educating, and supporting Black technologists at all stages of their career. BIT aims to create a lasting impact by amplifying BIT initiatives, engaging our peers to strengthen our inclusive culture and helping Capital One recruit, attract and retain top talent from all backgrounds. At October’s BIT conference and AfroTech conference in November, this year’s...

Mahlet Yared

Dec 9, 2022

One Day or TODAY? How Kimberly Hall is Impacting Culture at Capital One.

The time is now to bring more diverse ideas, perspectives and experiences to the technology we use. As technology becomes an even more fundamental part of financial information and access, Capital One is taking diversity and inclusion to the next level with its Make Today campaign. The campaign encourages Black technologists to contribute to innovation, prioritize data and pay homage to our past to create a more inclusive industry. AfroTech spoke with Capital One’s Vice President of Software Engineering, Kimberly Hall, about her path to Capital One and the importance of Make Today’s call to action for more Black technologists to pave a better path towards the future of technology.

Mahlet Yared

Dec 1, 2022